What is the WPS button on your router and why is it so useful

WPS is a system to connect devices such as mobile phones to the router without having to enter the password.

On October 16, 2017, the WPA2, the protection system for wireless networks, and created to correct the deficiencies of the previous system in the new 802.11i standard. WPA showed an important vulnerability, condemning this protocol to become another one that should be improved as soon as possible. Just after 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced what was to be the substitute for WPA2, WPA3. The same as last summer became official starting WPA3 certifications. In addition, the Alliance took the opportunity to present its Wi-Fi Easy Connect function, the substitute for the current WPS, and designed to simply connect devices to a Wi-Fi network.

What is the WPS button

A button that you have surely seen on your router at home but have not wanted to press “just in case”, WPS is a standard to facilitate the creation of WLAN networks. Or put another way, WiFi Protected Setup or WPS is the technology that temporarily opens the access point to nearby devices that support this option. Once the WPS Button is activated, your terminal will search for the router to connect to without a password.

Using it is very simple: On the back of the device that gives you access to the Network, apart from all the ports of connection, you will find a button with these acronyms that you will have to press for a few seconds . The WPS indicator will start flashing to inform you that you are already searching for compatible receivers.

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On your Android device you will find this option following the path of Settings> WiF i> Advanced Settings> WPS button. A message appears that you are looking for an open network and when you find it you will be connected instantly. The best thing is that the network will automatically recognize the device when it is nearby, as if you had entered the password.

Temporarily unprotected

Although the WPS button is a great option to connect to the router without a password, it is not as secure as it sounds. For a few moments, your router will be exposed, but as we have mentioned before it will only give access if it finds a device with this feature activated. Also, unless you go public, it is very difficult to find out when you open your access point.

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