what is wps

What is the WPS button on your router and why is...

WPS is a system to connect devices such as mobile phones to the router without having to enter the password.

Is it a good time to buy a PS4 or an...

In fact, if in 2020 you have not yet purchased a PS4 or Xbox One, you are either a decidedly PC or...
twitter rt

The 10 most retweeted tweets on Twitter

Besides being a social network, Twitter is a fundamental communication tool for millions of people. Thousands of events and news have as their starting point...

The 25 Instagram accounts with the most followers (2020)

The world of music and sports are the ones that have most taken advantage of this social network. In fact, after the official...
Motorola’s flagship killer is 90 Hz and 5G and costs less than 350 euros

Motorola’s flagship killer is 90 Hz and 5G and costs less...

Motorola launches the first Moto G Plus with 5G. This new mid-range mobile comes with a quad camera, 90 Hz screen and more,...
Last Of Us part

The Last Of Us part 2, the game that has changed...

We played The Last Of Us Part 2 from start to finish. And we have several things to say about this schematic-breaking game. Be...
useful Google Chrome extensions to find a job

6 useful Google Chrome extensions to find a job

Google Chrome extensions are, for most people, somewhat unknown, but once you know their usefulness and start taking advantage of them, you...
PS5 vs PS4 differences

PS4 vs PS5: differences and improvements of the next gen of...

We put the two generations of Sony consoles face to face. Power, speed, and efficiency are part of the PlayStation 5 DNA.
Best Mac Games You Can Play For Free

The best Mac games you can play for free

If you own an Apple computer and feel like playing a game, take a look at our selection of the best Mac...
Five alternatives to Chromecast

Five alternatives to Chromecast

The arrival of Chromecast was an interesting advance in the way of consuming television. The Google device landed seven years ago to help us not...

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X: Biggest Differences After Sony’s Reveal Event

After the official presentation of the PlayStation 5, we compare it with the already announced Xbox Series X. Which of the two...
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5: Everything you need to know

After several years of waiting, to which has been added a small unexpected delay, the great day has come that all game...
alternatives to Hamachi

Free and Open Source alternatives to Hamachi

Hamachi has been one of the best alternatives to create a virtual LAN between players and thus be able to avoid problems related to high...
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