Honor Magic Earbuds: Cheap alternative to AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro has come up with a tough competitor for less than half the price: the Honor Magic Earbuds. 

In the middle of the streaming era,  wireless headphones have become practically essential devices for anyone, be it to listen to music, to immerse yourself in your favorite series, or to answer calls more comfortably.

However, in the market, there is such a wide variety of wireless headphones that many users have great doubts when choosing to buy one or the other headphones.

Despite this, most end up leaning towards in-ear mode, dominated by the famous AirPods. In this case, we come to tell you about our experience with the Honor Magic Earbuds, headphones at the height of AirPods Pro that, in addition, cost much less money: just 100 euros compared to 279 euros for Apple.

Elegant and very comfortable

Many people make the serious mistake of just looking at the design of headphones when buying them, when comfort is much more relevant. What is the use that they are so pretty if you are not comfortable with them? We have to admit that Honor’s perform excellently in both aspects.

Honor Magic Earbuds.

We found the Honor Magic Earbuds incredibly comfortable, offering optimal support and forgetting about that feeling of insecurity that we have experienced with other in-ear that seemed to drop every two minutes. We can use them for sports or running without any problem.

It should be noted that the experience with them can vary depending on the type of ear that each person has, although they come with several silicone pads of different sizes.

Honor Magic Earbuds.
Honor Magic Earbuds.

As far as aesthetics are involved, we have tested the model in white, but they are also available in blue. The headphones have dimensions of 4.1 x 2.3 x 1.9 centimeters and weigh just 5.4 grams each.

Noise-canceling you fall in love with

Regarding sound, these headphones convince both for their quality and their power. Obviously, they do not offer the same quality as headband ones, but they do offer a very high standard for such cheap in-ear ones.

Despite the good results obtained, what has surprised us the most is its hybrid noise cancellation system, which uses two microphones (one exterior and the other interior) to eliminate noise of up to 24 decibels.

Honor Magic Earbuds.

Although this noise cancellation is a small step below that offered by Sony in its premium headphones, it is of such quality that we have been using it even without music to be able to abstract ourselves from our surroundings when working and doing other tasks. Also, we ensure that the quality of the microphone during calls is quite good.

As with many of the devices of this type, to link them we will have to go to the dedicated  Honor app, called “Ai Life”. From this, we will be able to see the percentage of the remaining battery of each earphone and the case, in addition to being able to configure some aspects.

As an example we have the touch controls of the headphones, since from the app we can determine how we want them to respond by double-tapping them or by holding down the finger.

Charging and autonomy case

The Honor Magic Earbuds charging case has dimensions of 8 x 3.5 x 2.9 centimeters and weighs just 51 grams. It is quite compact, so we can keep it in any small pocket.

Honor Magic Earbuds.

Each of the headphones has a 37 mAh battery, while the one in the case reaches 410 mAh. In total, the battery of the headphones has lasted us on average about 3 hours using noise cancellation.

Honor Magic Earbuds.
Case of the Honor Magic Earbuds

However, if we add the extra autonomy that the case gives us, we will have an additional 10 hours. In other words, between the case and the headphones, we would add a total of 13 hours of autonomy.

Great quality at low cost

Taking into account that the Honor Magic Earbuds cost only 99euros (and that without forgetting that at the moment there is an offer for 79.99 euros ) we can firmly affirm that they are the best in-ear headphones in their price range.

These are characterized by good design, comfort, decent autonomy and surprising noise cancellation that makes them an excellent alternative to the AirPods Pro for much less money, since the Apple ones go up to 229 euros. There is no doubt that Honor has done really well with these headphones.

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