The robot vacuum cleaner is an integral item in every house and is available for all budgets now. In order to decide on your choice, we have prepared a guide with everything you need.

Over the years, robot vacuum cleaners have evolved and are currently as efficient as bag or tank vacuums: small as they may seem, many already offer even more suction power than your lifelong vacuum cleaner. They clean and vacuum as well as you would manually, although as with any other device, it depends on the model you choose.

Long ago they could seem too expensive devices, but today anyone can buy one that cleans the house when nobody is there or is desired. They are easy to use, suitable for all types of homes, and increasingly useful.

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To know which is the best vacuum cleaner for you, the first thing you have to do is be clear about what you need : you must know what type of robot you need for your home (there are some that, in addition to vacuuming, also scrub) , what features you have to look to choose it and, above all, what are the best models on the market. We will tell you.

What types of vacuum robots exist

Before making an investment in a new robot vacuum cleaner, the first question you have to ask yourself is  “what kind of robot vacuum cleaners exist .” It is something basic to know what type of device we are going to buy and, above all, if said device adapts to our needs.

Vacuum robots, like kitchen robots, are devices that are there to make life easier for us . They are autonomous (although they need some maintenance) and, although they do not guarantee the perfect cleaning of the home, everyone who has one affirms that, even if they clean manually, if they put the robot afterwards … it always removes a little more dirt.

They are elements that do not “bother at home”, and the good thing about this type of robot is that there are only two great types. That is, there are not many varieties to choose from and we can say that we only have brush robots and vacuum robots . Yes, they are both “vacuum robots”, but choosing one or the other depends on our needs.

1. With brush

Vacuum robots with brushes are the most common models you can find on the market. They are made up of a side brush, or in some cases two, and a large central roller type brush located at the base, which is responsible for “scraping” the dirt off the surface.

If you want a robot vacuum cleaner to clean thoroughly, it is the most recommended , since it is the one that best treats dirt and it is also the most suitable for cleaning carpets and rugs.  

robot vacuum cleaner

As we say, they are the most common and the important thing in this type of robot is not that it has two side brushes, but that the central one has the blades arranged in an optimal way to “scratch” the dirt.

They are the most effective against embedded dirt, but beware, if you have animals … hairs will accumulate on the rollers and you will have to carry out maintenance.

2. Brushless robot

We have already mentioned that central brush vacuum robots are the most common, but there is a type of robot that is more like a self-contained vacuum . They have one or two side brushes (those with two are more common) and a kind of central dustpan that sucks up dirt.

This type is the most used to collect dust and, above all, pet hair , since maintenance is much easier than with robots of the previous type. Of course, they have the disadvantage that they are not as effective in removing embedded dirt. 

If you only want a robot to collect dust and pet hair, they are the most recommended. For the rest… they fall somewhat short.

robot vacuum cleaner

3. Then you have to choose the extra features

Those are basically the types of robot vacuum cleaner that exist, but then you have others with some extra features. As in all technology, depending on the model range, it has more functions, but here we can talk about the function of mop, floor cleaner and autonomy.

Those are basically the types of robot vacuum cleaner that exist, but then you have others with some extra features. As in all technology, depending on the model range, it has more functions, but here we can talk about the function of mop, floor cleaner, and autonomy.

Of course, as we say, if we talk about types of vacuum robots, we have those that have the central brush … and those that have the vacuum cleaner itself, and each one is effective in one task or another, being the most complete the one with the brush.

7 reasons why you should already have one at home

As you can see, the robot revolution has arrived . Despite the great advances that these devices have experienced in recent years, at the moment there is not one that does everything, although you have at your disposal various models that can be of great help to keep your home clean.

Now, exactly as it happens with kitchen robots, you have to go through a process of three questions before buying one:

  1. Do I need a robot vacuum cleaner?
  2. Which model is better for my house?
  3. Do I need a full-featured one?

The first question to see if you should buy it is the key , since the other two are more a logical consequence of the affirmative answer to the first. And, of course, there are few reasons not to buy this device because they make life much easier but … what are the reasons why you should buy it yes or yes?

From our point of view, the main reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner are as follows.

1. Pets, the first reason for many

In our opinion, the  first reason we should buy a robot vacuum cleaner is that they keep pet hair at bay . Beyond allergies, an animal needs some care, and the truth is that cleaning, both the animal and the house, is one of them. 

robot vacuum cleaner

Let’s not kid ourselves, a rabbit, a dog or a cat leave a lot, a lot of hair, and we don’t even tell you when the cold and heat approaches, times when they start to move it.

It’s one of the main reasons to have it at home, because there are models whose vacuum cleaners allow us to plug in a robot and walk around the house to clean that hair every day.

2. And the children are behind…

We talk about animals, but children, especially babies, also dirty theirs . When they start to crawl, they can leave slime or drag lint, and it is not only necessary when “picking up” what the child stains (always within limits, of course), but to have the ground like a whistle.

robot vacuum cleaner

Make no mistake, a robot vacuum cleaner does not clean as thoroughly as cleaning by hand, but it is very useful to have the floor as clean as possible every day so that the fluff that the little ones can find. Well, they don’t exist.

3. If you spend a lot of time away from home

Another good reason to have a robot to vacuum the house is if you spend a lot of time outside your home, and here you have to see what functions you need. And, most robots are programmable for hours, but there are some that can be controlled with the mobile when you are away.

robot vacuum cleaner

In this sense, we must assess whether we need this programming function from the mobile or not. It all depends on the budget, but it is a great point in favor of cleaning when we are away from home, since it makes a noise similar to that of a hair dryer … and if we are at home, it is better to be calm before hearing that noise, It is not very high, but it is “tired”.

4. Allergy to dust mites?

A lot of dust accumulates in houses, and a vacuuming robot takes you out of many problems in this regard. Why? Because those who vacuum (not only those who “brush” the ground with the brush) are effective in this task, and very effective.

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In drier environments there is a lot of dust and if you are allergic to dust mites, one of these small appliances is essential. And another tip, if you add a humidifier, it improves a lot.

5. To clean carpets / rugs

Related to the above, if you have carpet or long pile rugs, above all, it is essential . They accumulate a lot of dust and, although not all robots are compatible with carpets (yes with carpet, of course) those that are … are ideal for cleaning that dust that accumulates excessively.

robot vacuum cleaner

6. If you have very heavy and low furniture

Cleaning under furniture is a real ordeal, so if you have a chaise longue , lots of low and heavy furniture to vacuum (brush because they are very baroque or solid wood), it is essential.

And is that, taking care with the dimensions of the robot, these devices are very interesting for the robot to get into those holes and clean as much as possible . This is something that is done both for cleaning in general … and so that dust does not accumulate in those areas (a dust that a small pet or baby, again, can bring up.

robot vacuum cleaner

7. As a gift for people with reduced mobility

And another important reason to buy one of these devices is … as a gift for a person with reduced mobility . It is clear that older people are not at their best to stand or squat for a long time, straining their backs by cleaning the floor. 

In addition to older people, vacuum robots are indicated for people with injuries, temporary or permanent, but also for people with functional diversity who, physically, cannot perform different movements.

What characteristics should you look to choose one

We’ve already seen that there are two great types of vacuum robots, if you can define them that way, but in addition to deciding whether we need a brush or a suction one, we need to take into account different parameters.

And, it is necessary to take into account different characteristics , since that can determine both the frequency of cleaning and the depth at which it cleans and, above all, the comfort facing the user.

1. Roller and brushes

If you choose a robot vacuum cleaner in the strict sense of the words, just look at the side brushes . In this case, I’d opt for one with two brushes, one on each side, to push dirt into the robot’s nozzle.

If you are going for a model with a central roller, you should bear in mind that there are different brushes, and depending on the shape, there are some more conducive to hooking with animal hair and, moreover, more or less effective with carpets and rugs.

robot vacuum cleaner

2. Power

Another factor to consider is power. The power is measured in pascals and the most powerful (we are talking about 1,800 Pa) are the ones that, in theory, best clean .

Of course, not everything is power. That power is for hair, cleaning carpets, carpets and dust in general, but some less powerful vacuums are more “efficient” when it comes to cleaning by the arrangement of the brushes.

Keep in mind that they are brushes that “scratch” the dirt well and that this is coupled with a suitable power to have the best possible performance.

3. Battery life…

As with any device, in the case of robot vacuum cleaners, the longer the battery lasts, the better. With 100% battery power, almost all models on the market can last about an hour and a half before returning to their charging base. 

The more battery and efficient they are, the better, but not everything depends on the capacity of the battery, but on how self-sufficient it is.

robot vacuum cleaner

4. … and if you are “self-employed”

It is one of the most important characteristics . If we buy one of these devices, we want it to be as autonomous as possible, and that means that we have to worry as little as possible about the robot, simply do maintenance … and little else.

We will have to do this maintenance (change the tank, unless it is the new Roomba, and clean the hairs caught in the brushes), but we must find that it returns only to the charging base when the battery is going to run out. and, above all, to see that it is intelligent.

That is, if we only hit the button and it cleans, but without rhyme or reason, or if it goes along a route set by us or detecting dirt. That last case is the most desirable, since they are the most efficient vacuum robots.

5. Obstacle recognition and anti-fall sensors

The first obvious function is for the robot to be able to recognize obstacles … and dodge them . There are different methods, which define the quality of the robot (and also its price).

The cheapest ones use optical sensors (whether or not there is light in front) and in practice they almost always detect the obstacle when they have already collided with it. They usually use algorithms of random movement, rotating certain degrees when they find an obstacle. Although cleaning is quite chaotic, they are quite effective, but they usually take longer and some areas may be left uncleaned.

The most advanced robots make a mapping of the house using cameras, lasers (they are the most accurate) or gyroscopes.

robot vacuum cleaner

They use advanced algorithms that clean by following the map of each room, including obstacles, so they are faster (because they do not repeat areas) and do not leave an inch uncleaned. Logically, they are also more expensive.

Try searching for videos of the model that interests you to see how it behaves during cleaning, before buying.

Also check if it has anti-fall sensors. They are special sensors that detect downstairs. They are essential if you live in one of more than one plant.

6. Tank capacity

The capacity of the deposit is one of the keys when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, since it depends a lot on whether we have pets … or not . For example, if we do not have pets and live in a flat, a capacity of about 0.3 liters may suffice.

It is small, yes, but it can give. Another thing is if we have pets or live in a bigger house. In this case, 0.5 liters should be the minimum, since if you have pets, they lose a lot of hair, and therefore it is necessary that the capacity of the tank of the robot is high.

7. HEPA filter

Something to watch out for is the type of filter. The most normal thing is that it has a HEPA filter, and we must pay attention, since it is the one that best retains dust and, in addition, the best for allergy sufferers since they capture the microscopic dust particles that are the ones that can cause allergies.

robot vacuum cleaner

8. Accessories

The cheapest thing is not always the best choice. If we go to buy, we have to see if there are any replacement parts or replacements, and what items they carry.

The more items to be sold, the more replacement parts we’ll have in case anything breaks down. The most common are filters and brushes, but if there are virtual walls as well … It is easier than possible to describe where vacuum robots can and can not move.

robot vacuum cleaner

9. Is it very high?

The dimensions are not usually taken into account, but it is another feature to look at before buying . Why don’t you like bending down to clean under the sofa or a low table? If the robot is just high enough, we can make it the one that passes under those pieces of furniture.

It is simply about seeing the spaces we want to see happen and choosing the robot that adapts to that minimum height. 

10. Map of the house

Although it is not an essential function, more advanced robots are capable of mapping the house . This allows them to locate permanent objects (such as cabinets or tables) and get around them more quickly.

robot vacuum cleaner

It is also very useful to quickly define the rooms or even the areas within a room that you do not want to clean from your mobile. For example, the children’s room or the dog’s feeder (for containing small objects that can jam the robot).

11. Prohibited areas

Not all robots are able to avoid areas of the house . The simplest do not have this option. Others force us to manually map each room and delimit the area that we do not want to clean in the mobile app. The most advanced ones create a virtual map of the house by themselves, and it is enough to mark the rooms by touching with your finger, to avoid them.

12. Different surfaces

Don’t expect your robot vacuum cleaner to clean a dirt patio, or move across the lawn like a crouching cat. It is designed to clean smooth surfaces (floors, parquet, tile), including rugs and carpets.

robot vacuum cleaner

The most advanced ones have sensors that detect the type of floor and change the cleaning mode if they detect a carpet, for example.

13. Pet Mode

If you have animals at home, you should buy a robot that offers a Pet Mode and a Silent Mode . Pet Mode is specialized in removing hairs from the carpet, and cleaning more thoroughly.

robot vacuum cleaner

Silent Mode is useful to avoid disturbing the dog or cat, if it gets nervous with the noise of the motor and the aspiration.

14. Purifying and antiallergic

One of the advantages of vacuum robots is that almost all of them have air filters . So in addition to cleaning, they purify the environment. It works very well if there is an allergy at home.

15. Do you also scrub?

It is increasingly common for vacuum robots to also be floor scrubbers. They have a small water tank, and normally you have to install a complement that acts as a mop. They are more expensive because they require changing the design, but they are also more useful.

robot vacuum cleaner

16. And the price, of course

And the last thing to remember before buying something, of course, is the price. Not always the most expensive is the best, and in this specific case we have to ask ourselves whether this price premium is better for us.

That is, if there are functions that we’re not going to use for whatever purpose, there’s no point in spending more money.

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner you can buy (2020)

Until recently, the high price of these devices was an impediment to hosting them at home. But the arrival of several cheap and quality Chinese models, allows you to enjoy the advantages of cleaning robots even for less than € 100 .

Choosing is not easy, because they are relatively new home appliances, and many people have never used them. So we are going to offer some buying advice , and then we will see  which is the best , in each price range.

Gone are the times when this type of product was divided into Roomba, and the rest … Now there are many quality brands, and competition has lowered prices.

Choosing is not easy, but with our comparison of features,  you will be able to discover what you need (each house in a world), and thus find the cleaning robot that best suits your needs.

The best cleaning robots on the market

Once we know the basic concepts, let’s see which robot is the best you can buy , in all price ranges.

Robots under € 200

They are the most affordable, and although they don’t have the advanced features of the high-end, they are not as autonomous, they work slower and they are noisier, they do their job, which in the end is what matters…

Dirt Devil Libero 2.0 by Lidl

The popular German supermarket chain Lidl, famous for its low prices, sells a cheap robot for less than 100 euros. Known as the cheap roomba , it logically does not have the functions of the iRobot models, but for this price it is a very interesting proposal.

It is designed to sweep hard floors and vacuum short pile rugs . Like most robots of this type, it is not suitable for soft or very soft floors.

t has a 0.24 liter dirt tank, easy to clean and empty, and an autonomy of 45 minutes.

It stands out for its three anti- fall sensors , which allow it to be used in second floors, attics and attics, since it will not fall down the stairs. You can even clean a table. The sensors are also used to overcome obstacles.

The Lidl robot vacuum cleaner incorporates three operating modes: random, circular and edges . The first one makes random movements. The circular cleans more deeply, but only works for floors without obstacles. The Edge Mode spreads bristles to clean the corners of the room, the furniture legs, or the castors.

At just 5.5 cm tall, it can be tucked under furniture. It is a little noisy, but cleans properly.

Dirt Devil Libero 2.0 is priced at € 99.99, although at the time of updating this article there was no availability. 

Dirt Devil Libero 2.0characteristics
Operating modesRandom, circular, edges
Pet modeNo
Tank size0.24 liters
Sensor typesAnti-fall (3)
Autonomy45 minutes
Height5.5 cm
NoiseNot provided
Mobile / WiFi appNerd
Delimit zonesNo
Floor scrub modeNo
Additional featuresNo
Price€ 99.99

Cecotec Conga 990 Excellence Series

robot vacuum cleaner

The Conga 990 Excellence Series is a 4-in-1 robot that vacuum, clean carpets, scrub floors, and mop up. In other words, a complete cleaning. Thanks to its 2 side brushes and a motorized brush it can remove the most embedded dirt. It has proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall sensors. Its suction pressure is 1400 Pa, while Cecotec’s most advanced robot reaches 2300 Pa, although it is worth € 250 more.

It is the ideal vacuum cleaner if you have a pet , since it has a silicone central brush specially designed to collect animal hair. It is also quiet, so it does not scare dogs or cats around the house.

It incorporates a 500 ml tank for solids and another 400 ml for liquids. Its intelligent scrubbing system uses an electronic valve that dosages and distributes the water evenly. And you can also insert a mop to polish the parquet after scrubbing.

It has 3 cleaning powers (eco, normal and turbo) and 5 cleaning modes: auto, edges, room, spiral and homecoming. Also while cleaning it purifies the air , thanks to the HEPA filter that it incorporates, retaining dust and allergens.

You can program it thanks to a remote control with LCD screen (it does not use the mobile) and it returns only to its charging station when the energy is about to run out. It has a 2,600 mAh battery and a range of 160 minutes .

Conga 990 Excellence Series only costs € 138 on Amazon

Cecotec Conga 990 Excellence Seriescharacteristics
Operating modesAuto, Edges, Room, Spiral, and Homecoming
Pet modeYes (reinforced cleaning)
Tank size0.5 liter (solid) / 0.3 liter (scrubber)
Sensor typesProximity, anti-shock and anti-fall
Autonomy160 minutes
Noise64 db
Mobile / WiFi appNo
Delimit zonesNo
Floor scrub modeYes
Additional featuresHEPA filter, Mop mode, Carpet mode
Price€ 138

iRobot Roomba 605

Although it is not one of the most modern iRobot models, due to its good value for money the Roomba 605 is one of the most popular and highly valued vacuum robots of the brand . 

This model is recommended for use on both hard floors and carpets thanks to its self-adjusting cleaning head, which automatically adjusts its height so that the two multi-surface brushes always keep in direct contact with the floor. In addition, it is equipped with a side brush designed to sweep corners, which drags dirt into the robot’s cleaning channel. 

iRobot Roomba 605 has a three-phase cleaning system through which the device descales and removes the most difficult dirt and traps dust. And thanks to Dirt Detect technology, it is able to recognize the areas of the house where there is the most activity to ensure that the floors are completely clean.

It has the iAdapt navigation system so that the robot moves automatically around the home even in the dark, and its unevenness sensors keep it safe from stairs and other types of unevenness. 

You can buy the iRobot Roomba 605 on Amazon at a price of 199 euros.

iRobot Roomba 605characteristics
Operating modesNormal and concentrated
Pet modeNo
Tank size0.4 liters
Sensor typesUnevenness
Autonomy60 minutes
Height9.2 cm
Noise60 db
Mobile / WiFi appNerd
Delimit zonesNo
Floor scrub modeNo
Additional featuresAeroVac filter
Price€ 194

Between € 200 and € 500

In the mid-range you will find very competent robots, the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2

In recent times Xiaomi has started to manufacture everything from electric scooters to vacuum robots. This Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 has been designed by Roborock, so it shares characteristics with the Roborock S6, which we will see later.

It uses laser sensors to create an exact mapping of the house, thus cleaning accurately, without repeating. From the mobile app you can define the areas to be cleaned. And you can control it from outside the house, through WiFi.

It has an excellent suction force of 2,000 Pascals , one of the highest on the market, and can go up the carpets. Also lightly scrub the floor with a moistened mop.

The battery reaches 5,200 mAh, with an autonomy of about 150 minutes , above the average. You can wipe down a 250 m2 house.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 costs € 359 on Amazon.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2characteristics
Operating modesMaximum, Turbo, Balanced and Silent
Pet modeYes
Tank size0.58 liters
Sensor typesTo be
Autonomy150 minutes
Height9.6 cm
Noise61 db
Mobile / WiFi appYes Yes
Delimit zonesYes
Floor scrub modeYes
Additional featuresNo
Price€ 359

Cecotec Conga Series 3090

robot vacuum cleaner
image credit: amazon

Laser sensors reaches the Conga. The  Conga 3090 Series uses iTech Laser 360 technology to perform a 360-degree sweep and generate a virtual map of the entire house , including the placement of furniture. This allows for a more precise and faster cleaning, because it does not repeat areas.

Like the 990 Series, it is a 4-in-1 robot that vacuum, clean carpets, scrub floors, and mop up. But in this version the suction pressure has risen from 1,400 to 2,000 Pa. And the scrubbing system has been greatly improved, with a new reciprocating movement.

It has no less than 10 cleaning modes : Auto, Spiral, Spot, Smart Area, Restricted Area, Manual, DeepCleaning, Scrubbing, Edges and Homecoming.

With a 500 ml tank for solids and a 400 ml tank for liquids, its intelligent scrubbing system uses an electronic valve that dosages and distributes water evenly. And you can also insert a mop to polish the parquet after scrubbing.

It has 3 cleaning powers (eco, normal and turbo) and 5 cleaning modes: auto, edges, room, spiral and homecoming. Also while cleaning it purifies the air , thanks to the HEPA filter that it incorporates, retaining dust and allergens.

You can program it thanks to a remote control with LCD screen (it does not use the mobile) and it returns only to its charging station when the energy is about to run out. It has a 2,600 mAh battery and a range of 160 minutes .

Conga Series 3090 is priced at € 289 on Amazon.

Cecotec Conga Series 3090characteristics
Operating modesAuto, Spiral, Spot, Smart area, Restricted area, Manual, DeepCleaning, Scrubbing, Edges and Homecoming
Pet modeYes
Tank size0.55 liters (solid) / 0.18 liters (floor cleaner)
Sensor typesTo be
Autonomy110 minutes
HeightNot provided
Noise64 db
Mobile / WiFi appYes Yes
Delimit zonesYes
Floor scrub modeYes
Additional featuresMop, HEPA filter
Price€ 289

iRobot Roomba 960

image credit: business insider

At the high end is where you will find truly autonomous robots. This iRobot Roomba 960 is one of the best in its price range.

It uses camera-based SLAM technology sensors capable of processing 230,000 dots per second. With iAdapt 2.0 it maps the house so that you decide the rooms or the areas that you want it to avoid.

Its Aeroforce suction system is 5 times more powerful than the 600 range. It uses rubber rollers instead of bristles, which avoids tangles and jams with the hairs. It also has a pet mode that avoids feeders and strengthens suction to collect hairs.

With its Dirt Detect technology it detects dirt and adjusts the type of suction to it . You can control it by WiFi from outside the house, and it recharges itself when the battery runs out. It is also possible to control it with your voice, through Alexa.

Among its less good points, due to its anti-vacuum sensor (so as not to fall through gaps) it gets stuck in very dark floors, and refuses to clean black carpets.

It will leave your house clean and shiny, but the battery can drain in just over an hour. It is what powerful robots have, that consume more.

iRobot Roomba 960 costs 799 euros but has a discounted price of € 491 on Amazon.

iRobot Roomba 960characteristics
Operating modesAutomatic (adapts according to the dirt it detects)
Pet modeYes
Tank size0.75 liters
Sensor typesiAdapt 2.0 with camera. 230,000 data points per second
Autonomy90 minutes
Height9.1 cm
Noise70 db
Mobile / WiFi appYes Yes
Delimit zonesYes
Floor scrub modeNo
Additional featuresVoice control (Alexa), rubber bristles
Price€ 491
robot vacuum cleaner

The Conga 5090 is Cecotec’s high-end robot vacuum cleaner. It equips the brand’s four-in-one technology with a mixed tank, allowing you to vacuum, scrub, sweep and mop simultaneously.

Your RoomPlan system allows you to manage up to 50 cleaning plans. Equip the new Jalisco brush that removes the most imperceptible dirt, as well as two interchangeable brushes that avoid tangles. It has cyclonic technology that increases suction power, while lengthening its useful life. It offers a suction power of 8,000 pascals . It has WiFi connectivity and is controlled from the mobile app.

This robot vacuum cleaner features professional laser mapping technology and Interactive Multimap to generate a house map, with the option to store up to five maps. Once you’ve recognized the space, plan the fastest, most efficient, orderly, and smart cleaning route. 

The price of the Cecotec Conga 5090 is 484 euros on Amazon

Conga 5090characteristics
Operating modesRoomPlan system with more than 50 cleaning plans
Pet modeYes
Tank size0.57 liters (solids) / 0.27 liters (liquids)
Sensor typesOptical sensor
Autonomy240 minutes
Height9.5 cm
NoiseLess than 64
Mobile / WiFi appYes Yes
Delimit zonesYes
Floor scrub modeYes
Price€ 599

iRobot Roomba i7 +

It is not the most advanced robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot (that’s the Roomba S9 + , which costs € 1,500), but it does offer a unique feature: it is the only one that empties the dirt container, so you don’t have to do it every day, as in the rest of robots.

The tank is emptied at the charging station, which has a capacity of 30 tanks, so it can last a month without having to attend to the robot.

Another novelty is that it is also controlled by voice, through Alexa.

Otherwise the benefits are similar to the Roomba 960, but it has twice the suction force, and the battery lasts a little longer.

Like its siblings , use SLAM-based camera-based sensors capable of processing 230,000 dots per second. With iAdapt 3.0 it maps the house so that you decide the rooms or the areas that you want to avoid.

With its Dirt Detect technology it detects dirt and adjusts the type of suction to it. You can control it by WiFi from outside the house, and it recharges itself when the battery runs out.

The new iRobot Roomba i7 Plus is priced at € 1,199. If you are out of your budget, the version without the tank drain, the Roomba i7, drops to € 599 on Amazon.

iRobot Roomba i7 +characteristics
Operating modesAutomatic (adapts according to the dirt it detects)
Pet modeYes
Tank size0.40 liters
Sensor typesImprint ™ Smart Mapping, iAdapt 3.0
Autonomy75 minutes
Height9.2 cm
NoiseNot provided
Mobile / WiFi appYes Yes
Delimit zonesYes
Floor scrub modeNo
Additional featuresEmpty the tank
Price€ 1,199


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