The best free online multiplayer websites and web games

We bring you a small collection with the best websites and online web games with free multiplayer so you can have a quick game with other people on the net. Web games have been with us for years, and little by little they are evolving to become more and more serious entertainment and not so far from the experience of mobile games or even for PC in some cases.

So much so that, although everyone on the list is played from their website, there are some that also have mobile or computer versions to download if you want. Some of the ones we mentioned are going to require you to sign up in order to play, but we also have others that you can check out as a guest.

Action games

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Let’s start with action games , dominated mainly by first person shooter. You will find from Counter Strike type games to others that are closer to the PUBG style Battle Royale philosophy. There are also those who fuse these genres with other philosophies, and even games with war machines.

  • Bullet Force: a rather stylish first-man shooter with WebGL and HD graphics from Counter Attack. All you have to do is build a game with as many players as you can and see if it is private or public. Link:
  • Сontract Wars : A full- fledged shooter that tries to offer you the best of the genre without complications: simple mechanics, various weapons, and various game modes with decent and realistic graphics. Link:
  • DarkOrbit Reloaded: A massive space multiplayer game in which you pilot a ship that has to explore space and measure enemies, we could classify it as an action game despite its 2D view, and it allows you to choose between being a merchant or a pirate, facing you enemies or real people to improve your ship. Link:
  • Freefall Tournament: A third-person shooter with fairly old graphics, but that allows you to make quick games as you don’t need to register. Their maps are small, but with platforms at different levels and heights. Link:
  • Helmet A Battle Royale that looks very similar to some Zelda of yesteryear, and in which you have to survive by facing other players online on their 2D maps. The operation is classic, your character arrives without equipment and you have to open the chest to get items and weapons with which to fight. Link: 
  • A kind of Counter Strike with Minecraft graphics. You have no complications or waiting, just go to the web and join one of the multiplayer games to start shooting. Link: 
  • Metal War Online : A game with elements of racing and shooter, which offers you combat with various types of vehicles. Perfect for lovers of futuristic tanks. Link:
  • A third-person action game in which your group of adventurers faces rivals on small maps. Like a Counter Strike, but with worse graphics and medieval characters with different classes and abilities to choose from. Link: 
  • Realm of the Mad God: A frantic game in two dimensions and pixelated graphics in which you have a character that has to shoot all living creatures. Very much in the style of classics like Gauntlet.
  • Shell Shockers: A massive online shooter as hectic as it is bizarre. All the characters are eggs, and you move through three-dimensional scenarios shooting everything that moves. The stages are not very big, so it is pure action in which it is not worth hiding. Link: 
  • Tanki Online: A multiplayer online tank battle game. In this title, it is not so much that the scenarios are realistic as they present a challenge for the players, with up and down platforms in which to be cornered, with many customization options and an interesting and fun arsenal. Link:
  • An isometric shooter with square minecraft graphics, in which you can decide whether to fight alone or accompanied against other players from all over the world. You can play as an account or as a guest, with power ups, a giant arena and some types of characters to choose from. Link: 
  • Treasure Arena: A two-dimensional sword fighting game, in which you decide a server and unite to face various rivals in its multiplayer. It is about killing enemies, gaining powers and getting coins making yourself stronger than rivals to kill them before they kill you. Link: 
  • Vikings Village: Party Hard : An all-against-all game in which you are in a village with your Viking, and you face the rest of the Vikings, and the more Vikings you kill the higher the Viking score you will get. Link: 
  • War Brokers : A PUBG but with Minecraft graphics when you play it in battle royale, although it also has a classic mode that is a team shooter. It is quite fun and you can play as a guest from the browser, register, or download it on Steam. Link:
  • WarScrap: An online first-person shooter and massive multiplayer. It is quite simple and does not go with complications: you have to repel a horde of enemies that does not stop arriving while you are improving your equipment with the awards they release, and you are exploring other areas. Link:
  • Another massive online game in which to kill everyone who comes near you, with good pixelated graphics and possibilities of exploration. In this case you have several types of warriors that face each other. Link:

Adventure and RPG games

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We continue now with role-playing and adventure and role-playing games, in which you can explore large maps with characters that can be of various classes, and gradually level them up. The most popular are massively multiplayer RPGs, called MMORPGs, but there are several with various philosophies and aesthetics.

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  • AdventureQuest : A massive multiplayer RPG in which you choose a character and a class to your liking, and you have to go out into the world to fight monsters alone or accompanied by the rest of the connected players. You can be a ninja, a magician, a warrior, a thief, whatever you want. Link: 
  • Bit heroes : A massive online role-playing game with dye exploration dyes, with 2D maps and pixelated graphics. You have to create your hero giving him the appearance you want and launch yourself into the adventure. You have it available for mobile and Steam, but it also has a web version to play from the browser. Link: 
  • BrowserQuest: An open source adventure game to play in your browser. You have to create an account, and you can explore the world as a warrior in search of friends, treasures or simply adventures, facing rivals alone or accompanied by a group of more players. Link: 
  • Dragon Awaken: An online multiplayer RPG in which the mechanics of turn-based combat are recovered. The title will allow you to explore dungeons and battles between players, with characters that level up and improve with each combat while obtaining increasingly better weapons. All this in a fantasy world where you will also face dragons. Link: 
  • Drakensang Online: A game that you can download or play from the browser, and whose style is clearly inspired by the mythical Devil. You can explore the dungeons alone or accompanied, with dozens of missions and a good graphic section. Link:
  • Isleward : A low-resolution roguelike with RPG touches, in which you choose a character and start exploring the world facing all kinds of monsters and leveling up. At first it seems like you’re alone, but you end up meeting other people. Link: 
  • Prodigy : A massive, multiplayer online role-playing game with nearly 50 million players worldwide, and in this case it is focused on children. Seeks that they can improve their confidence and their mathematical knowledge. You are a magician who faces creatures and final bosses, and to win you will have to answer questions about mates. Link: 
  • Runescape : A classic within the massive online role-playing games, old but still alive. All the elements you can expect from the genre are here ready for you to take advantage of. Link: 

Strategy games

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There is also room for strategy games, and here you have a lot of variety. The classics in the online world are those in which you must build your city and advance your civilization.

  • Astro Lords : A city building and conquest game that is set in space. A massive online game that combines construction, resource management, science, ship fighting and piracy to assault your rivals. Link: 
  • Forge of Empires: A multiplayer strategy game in which you start in 5,000 BC, and you will have to progress and evolve your civilization. You will do this by growing a city throughout the different eras, and you will have to manage your resources and face other players in turn-based combats on a board. Link: 
  • Freeciv: A free alternative to the Civilization saga that has been developing in the open source world for years. Basically, like the first Civilizations but free, and with a multiplayer that can be one shift per day or live. Link: 
  • Heroes of Might and Magic Online: Ubisoft’s mythical RPG and strategy sagas brought to the concept of MMO with its particular universe of creatures and mythology. Perfect for lovers of the saga who do not want to move from the browser. Link:
  • Little Wargame: A small real-time strategy game very much in the style of classics like Warcraft. It is very simple and with pixelated graphics, but effective if you are a lover of the genre. You have a general chat and you can create multiplayer rooms, join games, or play against the CPU. Link: 
  • Neptune’s Pride: If you liked the mythical Master of Orion 2, and you are looking for a 4X strategy game, this is a good alternative. Everything that happens in the massive universe is in real time, and you have to try to make your way in the race to conquer the universe. Link: 
  • Prismata : A game that mixes elements of digital loading games and strategy in real time. Your first mission will be to build an economy, spend resources and research technologies with which to face your enemies. It has several game modes, and includes a spectator mode to learn from others. The free mode of the game only has multiplayer and the first single player mode campaign, for which you will have to go to their paid packs. Link: 
  • Travian: A classic village development and resource management game set in the Middle Ages. You have to develop your faction and know how to measure your resources when attacking rivals or defend yourself when you are attacked. Link: 
  • Vikings: War of Clans : Another civilization development and resource management game, but with Vikings. It also has a hero development system as an RPG element, and you will be involved in clan wars, tournaments, team games and more. Link: .

Table games

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Board games , especially card games, of a lifetime always had their place on the web, a site where these titles that do not require great graphics can allow you to quickly play against any other opponent.

  • Cardzmania: No ads, no Flash and no registration required. Simply a portal to play a few types of card games.
  • Catan Universe: The legendary Catan is available to play online through its website, and also in versions for Steam, Android and iOS. You can play two other people quick games in different scenarios. Link: 
  • Dominion Online: The online version of the popular Dominion card game, and where you can choose if you want to play against an AI or against a real person. Link: 
  • ** Lychess *: A website that revolves around a giant community of chess players. You have the possibility to play against the computer or against another person with different game modes, and there are rankings with the players with the most points. Link: 
  • Pinturillo : This is a clone of the pictionary, which is in Spanish, it is free and it works, in addition to almost always having connected players ready for a quick game. You can join games and create open games, or make a private table with friends. Link: 
  • Warzone : A turn-based online board game that is inspired by Risk, and where you compete to conquer the world. You can play only against an algorithm or participate in online multiplayer games. Link: 

Skill games and reflexes

There is a new stream of online games that we could call the .io games , and whose mechanics are always the same: the biggest fish eats the little one. These are games in which you are released into a world full of other players and you have to eliminate the smaller ones while avoiding the big ones and growing. These, along with others that also require skill and reflexes , are included here.

  • : A multiplayer online game with different modes, in which you are simply a circle that has to eat the smallest circles controlled by other players, preventing those who are bigger from eating you. Link: 
  • Curve Fever : It’s kind of a Snake Deathmatch. You start four players on a small board, and by Snake’s rules you have to be the last to be eliminated. Perfect for quick games. .
  • Another one of those games in which the big fish eats the little one and you have to survive, just like The difference is that in this one we will be a hole in the ground that devours other smaller holes while avoiding the bigger ones. Link: 
  • A game in which you are a shark with a laser on your head, and you have to swim around eliminating other sharks like you that other people control. Link: 
  • We could talk about this game as a massive multiplayer version of the Nokia Snake. You go to a screen full of rivals, you have to eat little balls and get longer, trying to get the others to crash into your tail before you do the same with theirs. Link: 
  • : A game with a concept very similar to that of, in which you must eat or be eaten. The difference is that here you play with snakes, since they have also introduced concepts of the mythical Snake, and you have to eat points to grow and grow longer. Link:
  • Swarmnation: This is a rather peculiar game, in which each player controls a single pixel. The goal is to create formations in collaboration with other players before time runs out. Therefore, simply enter when there are other players and try to form the suggested designs. Link: 
  • TagPro: A flag capture game in which you compete in teams against people from other parts of the world. It has power-ups and levels designed to entertain you as much as possible. Link: 

Other web games

image vredit: trendingnewsbuzz

There are also games with a unique personality that deserve to be here, but that do not have a category populated enough to go on their own. That is why we have grouped them in this collection of various genres.

  • Classic Minecraft: The classic Mojang Minecraft from before its purchase by Microsoft. It is a perfect game for nostalgics with fewer options than the current one, but with all the charm and simplicity that it had in the past. Link: 
  • Everybody Edits: A peculiar multiplayer platform in real time and with multiple functions. You can create your levels in it and try to complete them, being able to play the game, or play with the game. Link: 
  • One of the players is chosen to draw a random word, and the rest have to guess what it is about. Link: 
  • Neopets: One of the great classics within online games. Created in 1999, you enter and you will have to take care of your pet by spending in-game money that you can get by playing the different mini-games, and it allows you to also connect with other players. Link: 
  • Pokémon Showdown: A game based on the Nintendo Pokémon, and that stops stories and adventures and goes directly to the fighting. You will fight random people in Pokémon battles with the same rules as the original games. Link: 
  • Super Smash Flash 2: The fact that this fighting game still stands has merit, because it violates quite a few well-known IPs. It is a clone of the Nintendo Super Smash Bros with pixelated graphics and the addition of other characters such as Goku, Naruto, or Isaac from Golden Sun. There are also characters from various Nintendo franchises, and it has an online mode for you to face people from all over the world. Link: 
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: The popular Bandai Namco drum game that comes directly from arcade games, and which you can play online. Keep up the pace as you can in single player games, or measure up to other people

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