LG Q60: The 5 Keys To The Triple Cam

The LG Q60 is presented as a mid-range mobile with three cameras, a wide screen, a large battery and other details that we discuss here.

The fight to get hold of the mid-range market is fierce and increasingly complex. Different manufacturers rush prices and technical specifications to convince users that, now, paying less does not necessarily mean falling short on possibilities with their mobiles. In that situation is LG with its new LG Q60  Triple CAM. A device of less than 250 euros with great and colorful finishes, triple camera to capture great scenes and distant details, and a few extras that have allowed us to enjoy its use during our test week.

Here we will review what are its five most striking keys. Everything you need to know first-hand what this LG Q60 offers. A review both inside and outside of this device from which there is much fabric to cut.


screen6.3 inches with HD + resolution (1,520 x 720 pixels), IPS LCD technology and 19: 9 ratio with Narrow Notch
Main camera16 megapixel main sensorSecondary sensor with 2 megapixel depth lensTertiary sensor with 5 megapixel 120º ultra wide angle lens
Selfie camera13 megapixel main sensor
Internal memory64 GB
ExtensionVia micro SD cards up to 2TB
Processor and RAMMediatek MT6762IMG PowerVR GE8320 GPU3GB RAM
Drums3,500 mAh with 10W fast charge
Operating systemAndroid 9 Pie under MIUI 10
Connections4G LTE, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n dual band, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS + GLONASS and micro USB 2.0
SIMDual nano SIM
DesignPolycarbonate construction
Colors: blue and black
Dimensions161.3 × 77 × 8.7 millimeters and 171 grams
Featured FeaturesMIL-STD 810G Military Resistance, 7.1 Channel DTS: X 3D Sorround Sound System and Artificial Intelligence Camera Modes
Release dateFrom June 1
Price249 euros


It is one of the most useful features of the LG Q60. And it is that having three cameras instead of one or two, as is usual in the mid-range, offers some results and extra possibilities typical of this mobile, which the other terminals do not offer. The configuration chosen by LG is a 16-megapixel main sensor with F/2.0 focal aperture for general photography. That is, most of the snapshots. An objective that, from what we have been able to verify, achieves great results with natural light. Of course, the grace of this system in the Q60 is that this main objective does not come alone.

LG Q60

It is accompanied by a second 5-megapixel sensor that highlights its wide-angle lens with F / 2.2 aperture. This means that we can extend the vision of the photograph to a 120 degree angle . Something closer to the vision capacity of the human eye. For what? Well, to capture more details in large scenes: group photos in which you do not have space to get away, get photos with a macro and fisheye effect, or simply capture as much of the space as possible in front of you and the LG Q60. But there are not two without three.

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The third sensor can go unnoticed with its 2-megapixel resolution or its F / 2.4 aperture. But it is that his mission is not to get great photographs, but to support the main camera when making portraits. Your mission, in this case, is to read the depth and identify the planes of the scene. With these data, in Portrait mode of the LG Q6, it is possible to know what is close and what is far to apply a much more realistic and natural blur. In fact, through the application, we can choose the level of blur for the portrait, achieving a more or less pronounced effect. Something that without this third objective would be practically impossible, or with much less realistic and natural results.

BTW, not only are there three cameras on this LG Q60 (with camera permission for selfies), there is also a wealth of content to enjoy . Beyond portrait mode we find the QLens function integrated, with which to instantly recognize objects in the scene to search for and buy them on the Internet, scan QR codes or search for similar items on the network. There is also an artificial intelligence mode capable of recognizing different scenes to apply special enhancements and filters. And of course there are different photo and video modes, such as Flash Jump-Cut to create animations from four photos. So yes, these three cameras do much more than three lenses are capable of doing with the naked eye.


In addition to having a panoramic screen on the front, this LG Q60 Triple CAM is committed to multimedia entertainment and leisure thanks to the sound section. Its 6.3-inch HD + display complements well with the included DTS: X 3D technology. A technology that, through headphones, allows surround sound to be reproduced. But not with the sensation that an object or sound comes from your left or your right, but with the possibility of simulating a 7.1 sound or seven different channels.

LG Q60

So if you are watching an action or horror movie on the LG Q60, the best option is to put on your headphones and enjoy the immersive experience. Basically it’s the feeling of having a home theater , with three front sources, two side sources, and two other rear sources. With this, any object with sound from the film, series or game is represented in the space around you. Something that surprises and makes the experience much more immersive.


Nothing like a bright blue with different shades to capture our attention. The test model that LG has lent us has captivated us by its finishes. It is striking, it is fashionable (especially in its blue version) and it is also resistant. Because not only are the Q60’s glossy finishes eye-catching, so is its military certification. Yes, military.

military resistance

The LG Q60 Triple CAM has passed several US military court tests, as certified by its MIL-STD-810G title . This assumes that the device is resistant to certain extreme situations. Specifically six resistance tests that face the Q60 against humidity, high temperatures, low temperatures, shock temperature, vibrations and shocks. So if its finish looks like other high-end glass phones, with reflections and glitters, keep in mind that it is actually harder than it seems.


The design of the LG Q60 is a fundamental key to this terminal, as we have seen in the previous point. But it should not be overlooked, beyond its coloring and finish, that there is one more button on its left side. And it is one of the few terminals that have decided to welcome, physically, the Google assistant. A way to launch this tool more quickly and quietly.

LG Q60

And it is that, unlike pressing the start button for several seconds or saying the command “OK Google” out loud, a button allows you to invoke this assistant with a quick press . You just have to hold the unlocked mobile in your hand and press the button on the left side of the terminal. The one under the volume up and down buttons. The action cuts the seconds it would take us to do the same with the start button. In addition, once the Google assistant is available, we can consult what we want with the voice. So if you are ashamed to say that of “OK Google” in places with people, this LG Q60 is your option.


In addition to the technical issues that the LG Q60 includes, we have noticed a few extras in the user experience while we have tested it. And it is that this terminal is more than a technical sheet can say . We have appreciated it in its cameras section, where we have already said that not only do they have its three objectives, but the tools added to its interface. And something similar happens, for example, with the fingerprint reader on its back, which is something else. Thus, when we grasp the mobile with our hands, we can take advantage of this sensor as if it were a scroll to navigate the web pages and menus up or down, for example.

extended functions

It is also useful that its screen allows you to activate a reading mode if you are one of those who always check emails or use your mobile to read before bed. Something that will avoid eyestrain if you spend some time on these activities. At LG they have not forgotten the possibility of cloning applications like WhatsApp if we use multiple accounts thanks to the Dual SIM feature of this Q60 Triple CAM. Or the possibility of using all the resources of the mobile when we are playing and enjoy a performance-focused experience thanks to its game mode.