The 23 best virtual reality games for PS4

Now that PlayStation VR has lowered its price and the list of announced games continues to grow at a good pace, it seems like a good time to join the virtual reality of PlayStation. The problem, as with all other media, is that not all games offer the right experience.

To help you choose between the games that do deserve your attention on PSVR, we have created a list of the 23 best virtual reality games for PS4. A compendium of great experiences, fun games, and, above all, the most original proposals that can currently be found on PS4.

1. ‘Arizona Sunshine’

Become a classic after being one of the most promising games in Oculus, this action game will put us in the midst of a zombie apocalypse from which we will have to escape by shooting. ‘Arizona Sunshine’ is a fun, intense adventure in which to destroy hordes of zombies while enjoying one of the most solid experiences in virtual reality game today.

2. ‘Batman Arkham VR’

Be Batman, stroll the Wayne Mansion, and watch from the rooftops of Gotham. ‘Batman Arkham VR’ is the dream of any fan of the Dark Knight, a game in which the creators of the Arkham saga get to get closer to what it is really to put on the costume of the bat. The only downside, which is very short, barely between 60 and 90 minutes long.

3. ‘Battlezone’

He was the one with the fewest points to shoot at the launch of PlayStation VR, and yet he managed to make a place for himself among big names thanks to an enviable gameplay and experience. ‘Battlezone’ is probably one of the games that you can scratch the most hours before getting bored of it.

4. ‘Eve: Valkyrie’

Without a discredit one of the most thrilling games that you can face in PSVR, ‘EVE Valkyrie’ is a space combat simulator in which you feel inside the ship that you command with an amazing immersion. A recommended multiplayer game that you can also enjoy without your helmet thanks to the launch of its latest expansion.

5. ‘Farpoint’

With ‘Farpoint’ the PS VR Aim Controller was inaugurated, the typical clunker in which to include the PlayStation Move to offer the feeling that we have a weapon in our hands. Despite curiosity, it turned out to be more than just a plastic detail, achieving a much greater immersion for an adventure shooting against aliens that can go up to seven hours of play.

6. ‘Gran Turismo Sport’

Probably one of the games on the list that needs the least presentation. ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ is the new installment of the legendary PlayStation driving saga and, taking advantage of the rise of PlayStation VR, they decided to integrate virtual reality into their driving. They haven’t done it on a large scale, by the way, and VR mode is limited to one-on-one racing to ensure smooth gameplay.

7. ‘Job Simulator’

One of those experiences that are highly recommended for beginners in this virtual reality. A game easy to understand and with many possibilities around you in which to make the goat as much as you can and more. ‘Job Simulator’ has a bit short and in less than five hours you will have seen almost everything, but that does not detract from how much fun it can be.

8. ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’

Without a doubt one of my favorite options on the list, especially since you can enjoy it in the company and its tour has been meteoric. The key to ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ is that you and your friends must defuse a bomb. They have the manual but they don’t see the bomb. You see the pump but not the manual. It will be necessary to collaborate to describe what the bomb is like and for them to show you how to proceed.

9. ‘Moss’

‘Moss’ has become on its own merits one of the most recommended games in the current PSVR catalog. In it, it will be time to accompany a small mouse interacting with its surroundings to help it overcome the challenges of platforms, puzzles, and battles that are presented to us. A beautiful and very fun game that should be your first purchase option if you are thinking of purchasing the PS4 helmet.

10. ‘Rec Room’

It is the only free-to-play on the entire list and, despite its condition, it is also one of the most recommended games. In ‘Rec Room’ we face a virtual reality social club where we can do almost everything with friends and strangers, from dancing or creating plays to playing paintball or basketball.

11. ‘Resident Evil 7’

Another one that does not need a presentation is ‘Resident Evil 7’ , a game that in addition to command in the traditional mode, we can also enjoy with the PlayStation VR helmet. An experience only suitable for the brave, and it is not speaking for speaking. The immersion it promises, added to the scares and tension generated by the game, can end up packing more than one.

12. ‘Rez Infinite’

Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s classic returns reinvented for PlayStation VR in a game in which electronic music and psychedelic graphics are its main cover letter. The worst thing we can say about it is that it is an excessively short game, but it is undoubtedly one of the first that you should point to on the shopping list.

13. ‘RIGS’

More for the experience than for what the game is capable of offering at a playable level, ‘RIGS Mechanized Combat League’ is one of those titles that, if it does not enter your purchase plans, you should at least give it a try. Guerrilla, the creators of ‘Killzone’ and ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ are the ones behind this sports project onboard robots.

14. ‘Sparc’

The reinvention of the ‘Pong’ in virtual reality. So we could classify ‘Sparc’ , a game that prefers to integrate into the VSport genre as if it were a virtual sport. They are not very misguided, because the game makes you sweat really well to try to face the difficult challenge of thrashing the opponent.

15. ‘Statik’

Fans of films like ‘Saw’ have their ideal game in ‘Statik’ , not because it is a gore title or anything that comes close to it, rather because we feel like guinea pigs trying to escape our captors. Controllable with the Dualshock controller, you will have to put your mind to the test through different challenges and puzzles for around four hours.

16. ‘Stifled’

Without a reservation, one of the most original games on the virtual reality scene. The idea is that we must subdue the adventure wildly, using the sound we make with the microphone or the one we provoke in the environment to know what is in front of us. The problem is that the monsters that inhabit your world are also sensitive to noise.

17. ‘Superhot VR’

One of the most impressive games in recent years returns to the fray, this time in VR format. The premise of the original ‘Superhot’ is that we must end waves of enemies by punching, hitting, and shooting, but the action only moves when we do. That is, you can plan your attacks and anticipate the enemy’s movements before they are carried out.

18. ‘SuperHyperCube’

One of those arcade games where you’ll be able to stray for hours without noticing how time progresses. it’ll be necessary to research the various sides of the geometric shape ahead people to guess which side are going to be the one that may bear the opening within the next wall. What looks like an absurd or simple idea, becomes addictive.

19. ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR’

The classic role-playing game adapted to virtual reality. If it was cool to kill dragons when ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ hit the market, then imagine doing it as if you were within their universe. Best of all, considering how short virtual reality games tend to be, here are game weeks ahead.

20. ‘The Inpatient’

From the creators of ‘Until Dawn’, this horror adventure set in the 50s recently arrived on PlayStation VR. In ‘The Inpatient’ , it will be time to become the patient of a psychiatric hospital to try to understand what has led us there. and how we can escape the dangers that surround us.

21. ‘Thumper’

Here is another of my favorite games on the list, a title as strange as its name, but certainly an essential work, whether or not you go to play it in virtual reality. In ‘Thumper’ we start to control a metallic beetle that moves at full speed along a track full of curbs. As we move forward and overcome obstacles, each movement we make will generate noises that, in the long run, will become notes of music as pounding as it is addictive.

22. ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’

The penultimate gap in the list is occupied by ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’, another of the first games that the PS4 virtual reality helmet received, a shooting game in which we get on a particular witch train to overcome the waves of enemies that will appear in the attraction. A fairly simple game, but it serves to entertain you for a while and teach visitors what is that about virtual reality.

23. ‘Wayward Sky’

Before ‘Moss’ landed, this ‘Wayward Sky’ was the most solid adventure that PSVR had, a kind of point and click in which to complete puzzles while we overcome their beautiful scenarios. Ideal for those who want to enter a virtual reality universe without fear of getting dizzy or stuck with difficult puzzles.

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