WhatsApp, like all services, has a series of conditions of use, and breaching them can have consequences as a user. One of these consequences is that your account ends suspended and you can not access the service again.

What happens when an account is deactivated? What are the causes that can cause your account to be suspended? Is there any possible solution if you have WhatsApp suspended?

Suspended account on WhatsApp

The first thing I must clarify is that if your account has been suspended, it is that you have probably abused any of the application’s terms of service. This does not mean that you did it in bad faith, but it is very possible that the reason is this, although it is also true that there are cases of accounts disabled by mistake by those responsible for the service.

Be that as it may, you must be calm and arm yourself with patience to try to recover your account; something possible in most cases, but that the “WhatsApp people” will not make it easy for you.

What happens when your WhatsApp account is suspended?

In some occasions the app will show you a notice that your account has been suspended of the type ” Your number is not authorized to use our service ” or ” your phone number is suspended to use WhatsApp ” and in others you will not receive any type of notification.

When your account in the messaging service falls out of favor you stop having access to it. This means that you cannot send or receive messages, neither in private conversations nor in groups. In addition, if your account is suspended for more than 72 hours, you will no longer appear in the contact list of people who have your number stored on their smartphones.

WhatsApp for iPhone

In short, you will not be able to use any of the functions from the moment they block your account, although as I said before, this generally has a solution as you will see below.

Reasons for WhatsApp to suspend an account

As with any other service you use on your smartphones or computers, the app has terms of use and in case the service managers detect that you are breaching them, it is when your account may be compromised.

The most common reasons for suspensions is that your account:

1.- Send too many messages

There is no exact figure, but if they detect that you are sending many messages to a person who does not have you among their contacts, they could decide to temporarily block your account. Also, if you do it repeatedly, the suspension could become permanent and you would have no choice but to change your phone number to continue using the service.

2.- Create many groups

Another classic reason is that the service considers that you are creating too many groups and inserting into them many people who do not have you among their contacts. WhatsApp interprets this as a form of spam and one of the most typical punishments is the temporary ban of the account.

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This point is somewhat related to the previous one since at the end of the day it unites two rules that should never be forgotten: do not repeatedly disturb other users and do not spam.

Banning on WhatsApp

3.- Mass blocking

To be suspended for this reason, you must first detect that a large number of service users have previously blocked you. If this happens, they will review your account and if they consider that you have been spamming, annoying other people, instilling hatred through your status messages or stories, your account could end up temporarily or permanently blocked.

4.- Use of unofficial apps

For a time it was very common to use third-party applications to access the service. This is a clear violation of the terms of service and therefore suspended all user accounts that did this.

Applications like WhatsApp Plus were very popular due to the number of extra functions they included, although luckily nowadays it is not so usual to resort to them, but for a long time they were one of the most common causes of service suspension.

5.- Send spam

Facebook’s proprietary instant messaging service has many millions of users, which is why spam is so common. Luckily they try to stop it at all costs and one of the ways is with the ban of the accounts that detect that they are abusing.

It is not easy to detect if it is done manually (unless it is very aggressive and many users report the account), but with automation tools and the like it is very easy to be detected.

6.- Skip the terms of service

As pointed out above, WhatsApp has terms of services that are exposed on its website and you accept when creating a user account. If you skip any of these rules you will end up expelled from the service.

How to recover WhatsApp if your account is suspended?

In the event that your account is deactivated and you want to recover it, the only way is to contact WhatsApp and request that they re-enable it. This is the method that they explain in their terms of service and the only one that can follow the normal channels of operation of the app.

Recover WhatsApp account

To do this you must send an email to support@whatsapp.com providing the following information:

  • Complete telephone number of your account (that is, including the country code in the following format: + XXYYYYYYYYY).
  • Make and model of the device on which you normally use the account.
  • Explanation of what happened.

Generally, after a few hours they will answer you and if they have not seen premeditated abuse or if you are a repeat offender, they will remove the suspension from your account and you can use it again. In addition, if the 72 hours mentioned above have not passed, you will receive the messages that were written to you at the time the account was disabled.

In case they do not respond quickly, you can insist again after a few days and try again to explain the case and show that you have not acted in bad faith to get your account returned.

If after several attempts you have not managed to recover WhatsApp, most likely you will never do so and in this case the only solution to continue using the service is to start with another phone number and notify all our contacts of the change.

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