Very soon Samsung will unveil its new model of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live headphones. In this special we will tell you everything that has been leaked.

The presentation of the next Samsung Galaxy Note 20, apparently, will not come with a single product demonstration, since it is rumored that the Japanese brand will take advantage of the event to present its new smart headphones in society. These would take the name of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and, for now, this is all that has been leaked from them. Will they be worth it?

The first thing that catches the attention of these new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is their renewed design. Now, these little devices will be even more ergonomic and bean-shaped. This has been dropped in your official Patreon account by the usual technology filter Evan Blass, quite reliable. In the snapshot, we can see, up close, how these small Samsung Galaxy Buds Live will be.

This new design represents a break with the previous models of the brand. In addition, they will come in, in addition to black and white, a new bronze color, as we can see in the previous tweet. A logical decision, since the bronze color will also make an appearance in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

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The technical details and other features with which these new Samsung wireless headphones will appear are insufficient to give us a global idea of ​​them. But, if we pay attention to the design detail, some conclusions can be drawn that shed a little light on these headphones. For example, it can be said, with caution, that these new Samsung Galaxy Buds live will come without noise cancellationsince they will not have the cushions of the in-ear headphones. These types of pads are key in the cancellation of external noise since they isolate the ear and, through it, the appropriate algorithms are applied for their perfect execution. As the pads do not appear, we can venture that these new Samsung headphones will not have such noise cancellation.

We will have to wait until August 5 to see the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and these new and redesigned ergonomic headphones from the Japanese brand. How much autonomy you can get remains in the air, since when changing the design they will have to readjust the battery so that it remains effective and durable.


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