The Roborock H6 is confirmation that Roborock has been going strong to become a powerful alternative to home vacuuming. You’ve already demonstrated what you can do with your Roborock h6 robot vacuum cleaner, and now you bring the same kind of experience to your Roborock H6. A handheld vacuum cleaner with aspirations (excuse the redundancy), since it also works without problems as a vacuum cleaner to use and has many accessories to cover all household tasks. In addition, it incorporates an LED screen to see at all times how much cleaning time we have left. As for your battery, the maximum time is 90 minutes in ECO mode, although in my experience the normal thing is that you throw through the medium mode and around the half-hour of use with a load.

roborock h6 vacuum
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Not bad for a vacuum that weights just 1.4 kilos in its basic item (support and motor). On the downside, you ‘re not going to find a quiet vacuum cleaner, and the full charge time of the vacuum cleaner is quite high, over three hours. Of course, taking the Roborock H6 stock, I have to admit that it has become a replacement for my home vacuum cleaner and is a real treat when you have to face sofas and duvets full of pet fur. The exceptional circumstance has led to a delay in the launch of this product. The Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner will be available from June at an official price of EUR 400. Forget to think of this vacuum cleaner as a cheap alternative. I had the opportunity to do that.


Roborock H6
KindCyclone Type Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning modesEco, Medium, Max
Suction powerUp to 25,000 Pa
Dirt tank400 milliliters
Battery and autonomy3,160 milliamps, up to 90 min in Eco mode, 40 min in medium mode and 10 min in Max mode
accessoriesSofa brush, Motorized floor brush, Corner and ceiling accessory, Flexible tube for cleaning in corners, car accessory, wall base
InterfaceLED display with cleaning mode and remaining cleaning time
Extra functionsLocked operation (so you don’t have to press the button constantly), intelligent carpet detection
SurfacesFloors, carpets, car upholstery, sofas, etc.
NoiseUp to 72 dB
Dimensions284 x 111 x 221 mm and 1.4 kg
Release dateJune
Price400 euros
roborock h6 vacuum
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Go ahead that at home I have already got used to using a robot vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning (precisely a Roborock S5 Max at the moment), so my use of the Roborock H6 has been mainly as a handheld vacuum cleaner. Of course, I have also carried out some aspirates from the house to try their traditional way.

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And it is in its use as a handheld vacuum cleaner that it shines the most. The Roborock H6 is light, 1.4 kilos, making it easy to handle and carry around the house. I was impressed by the ease with which it ends up with pet hairs on duvets and sofas, which has come to me like something out of the sky having a cat and a dog conquering every corner of the house. Nothing to do with using a traditional vacuum cleaner. It has a specific accessory for these tasks and I loved the lock mode. It is a button on the side that leaves the vacuum cleaner running without having to pull the trigger. To stop it again, just press the lock button again. Easy and simple.

roborock h6 vacuum

The maximum suction power of this cyclone type vacuum cleaner is 25,000 Pa, making it ideal for eliminating this type of hair and also for cleaning the car. At least in theory, because the circumstances of the alarm state have prevented me from testing this vacuum cleaner in the car as I would have liked. Be that as it may, it promises a lot, and if you are still at home when all this nightmare ends I will do a thorough cleaning of the vehicle and add it to the review.


I have already commented that its suction power is up to 25,000 Pa, but the normal thing is that you do not need to use the maximum mode less in some specific cases. The Roborock H6 has three different cleaning modes, the Eco, the Medium and the Max. In the first case, the maximum autonomy is 90 minutes, while in the Max you have a much shorter time of 10 minutes. In my experience, the way I have used the most is the medium, which has more or less given me a cleaning time of half an hour with each load. The truth is that having good power and with a house of about eighty square meters are a few occasions in which I have come to exhaust the time of use in a single cleaning.

Of course, you have to take into account that it takes more than three hours to recharge the vacuum cleaner completely . In my case I have not had a problem, but if you have to face a thorough cleaning if it can become a handicap.

Another aspect of the Roborock H6 that I found very interesting is its LED screen . It is located at the top, making it very easy to see at all times. This indicates both the remaining battery (when we do not have the vacuum cleaner in use), and the time we have left until it runs out (when we have it running). And also the cleaning mode currently in use. These modes are toggled via a good-sized button on the top protrusion of the handle.

roborock h6 vacuum
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The Roborock H6 is a handheld vacuum cleaner that doesn’t stick to the basics. It comes with a very varied set of accessories. Aside from the handheld vacuum cleaner for sofas and duvets, we have a carbon fiber brush and a tube to convert it into a conventional vacuum cleaner. This brush is articulated so that it is more comfortable to move and reach the corners and corners of each room. The tube and brush are very light, perhaps even too light for the brush. Personally I think that a little more weight of said brush would help to stabilize the vacuum cleaner more, although if you have a big house it ends up being appreciated.

Another point to keep in mind is that the tube that connects the brush with the base is not extendable as in the case of other traditional vacuum cleaners. It can be a problem for different heights, but I have to say that in my case it places the vacuum cleaner at practically the ideal height (I measure about 1.90 m). The truth is that the cleaning experience in this mode has been good and quite comfortable, even in Eco mode the vacuum cleaner does quite well in sucking up dirt and dust spots.

The vacuum cleaner is capable of automatically detecting when we are vacuuming a carpet and increasing the intensity, although this specific feature has worked for me half the time. In case it doesn’t detect you, it’s as simple as changing the power manually with one or two keystrokes, so I don’t consider it a major drawback either. What does seem to me to be more against the vacuum cleaner is its noise level. It is usually as noisy as a traditional vacuum cleaner , so it can be annoying to other people in the house. The maximum level is 72 decibels.

roborock h6 vacuum

I also really like the hose fitting. It is a fairly short flexible tube to which you can add some of the corner accessories and get there more easily by operating the vacuum cleaner with two hands. Speaking of corners, my partner has jumped for joy when I have finally cleaned the cobwebs that were accumulating in the corners of the room. It is appreciated that the vacuum cleaner is so light when it needs to be raised.

As for the charging base, it is designed for you to fix it to the wall of the house and keep the vacuum cleaner up . This has its positive point, that once assembled it saves you space on the floor and you will have it well organized. In addition, it not only comes prepared for the base but for the various accessories. Of course, if you have a more overloaded house on the walls or your house is small you can find this system less attractive.


The Roborock’s dirt tank is small, with a capacity of 400 milliliters . That means that in one or two cleanings (it is recommended at the end of each cleaning) you will have to empty it. The system is very simple, moving a tab and disengaging the part of the filter to remove the dirt. The truth is that it is one of the most accessible systems to remove all the dust that I have seen to date.

Furthermore, the filtering system is capable of trapping particles down to just 0.3 microns in size so that the air leaving the vacuum cleaner is clean.

roborock h6 vacuum
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The Roborock H6 is a very complete vacuum cleaner, much more than it may seem when talking about a handheld vacuum cleaner. Of course it was to be expected if we consider its price. The 400 euros with which it will reach the market throughout the month of June will take it away from many pockets , and it will also make you banish the idea that you are facing a cheap brand. 

Now you’ll find a first-class vacuum cleaner under the hood, both in features and accessories that make it a good companion for all kinds of cleaning tasks. From vacuuming sofas and beds (I must say its performance was its main attraction during the test when vacuuming pet hair) to cleaning the corners of the ceilings, using the usual vacuum cleaner for the floors.

All this with the comfort of its light weight and the LED screen that shows you the remaining battery time. As for the features that could be improved, we have noise on the one hand. Not that it’s over the top, but it’s not a nice vacuum for roommates if you have to clean thoroughly. In addition, it also has a fairly high charging time of more than three hours, so if you have to squeeze it in Max mode (10 minutes maximum autonomy) you will probably have to space cleaning tasks. For the rest, a very mature option that leaves a good taste in the mouth and that points directly to an almighty rival in this of the vacuum cleaners such as Dyson.


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