New realme Band: Xiaomi’s rival, even cheaper

The realme Band has been officially presented. It is the first activity bracelet of the brand, which arrives to compete with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band.

In January, realme confirmed that they were going to launch their first activity bracelet on the market in the first months of 2020. A little over a week ago, the brand left us with the first details about the realme Band, the name chosen for this bracelet. On their website, they gave us all kinds of information about it, in addition to showing its design. Finally, today this bracelet has been officially presented.

The realme Band comes to the market to compete with bracelets such as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band or the Honor Band 5 . This bracelet has a light design, with a large color screen, in addition to giving us the functions we are looking for in this type of device, keeping the price very low.

OLED color screen and great autonomy

realme Band

We could already see it in your images last week, the realme Band arrives with a color OLED screen , with a size of 0.96 inches and that is capable of reproducing 65,000 colors. This screen is activated by touching the button located on the bottom of it, although when we place it on the wrist, it is automatically activated, as the brand itself has said.

Autonomy is another key aspect of this bracelet. Last week we could already see that the bracelet has an integrated USB, which is what allows you to connect it directly to a charging port (from a charger, a laptop or a powerbank). Charging the bracelet is completed in about 107 minutes and provides us with an autonomy of up to 9 days , in case we do not activate the heart rate monitor. If we use it, the autonomy is 6 days.

realme Band

This realme Band is very light, weighing just 20 grams , which makes it ideal for sports. It has IP68 certification, resistance to water and dust, something necessary for outdoor use. It has a total of nine modes or sports: walking, running, cycling, yoga, climbing, hiking, spinning, fitness and cricket (designed exclusively for India). In addition to recording the number of steps we take, the time we have been in motion, it reminds us when to drink water, it also has a sleep monitor and the aforementioned heart rate monitor.

By synchronizing the bracelet with the phone, we will be able to receive notifications on the bracelet . From notifications from messaging applications, being able to read said message on your screen, to the calendar or notes. We can also receive calls from it, being able to accept or reject said incoming call.

Technical characteristics realme Band

realme Band
  • Dimensions : 19.6 x 11.9 x 240 mm.
  • Weight : 20 grams.
  • Display :
    • Size: 0.96 inch.
    • Resolution: 160 x 80 pixels.
    • Type: OLED.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Sensors: Heart rate monitor, accelerometer, vibrator.
  • Battery: 90 mAh.
  • Ports: USB port built into the bracelet.
  • Straps: Interchangeable 16mm straps.

Price and availability

realme Band

This realme Band has been announced for now only in India , along with the new realme 6 and 6 Pro . For now, nothing has been mentioned about its launch in Europe, although it will probably be launched shortly, but we will have to wait for some confirmation from the brand itself. 

What we already know is the price of this bracelet in India, which will be 1,499 rupees, about 18 euros in exchange . This bracelet is released in a single version, with three available straps: yellow, black and green.

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