New Android-inspired iOS 14 features

A debate that has been around forever is the eternal rivalry between Apple and Google fanboys and which ecosystem is the best between these two. At techrale we honestly think that we should not limit ourselves in this life and that is why most of our staff have a team with iOS and another with Android. After being introduced and knowing the new features of iOS 14 we could not avoid collecting this article. We will present 6 features included in iOS 14 that you can compare with some existing features on Android.

New Android-inspired iOS 14 features

During WWDC 2020 we are more than sure that many users were surprised. Apple has unquestionably included new Android-inspired features. Let’s start by showing you the list:

Change the Browser and Email Applications configured by default

One of the most anticipated new features of iOS 14, without a doubt for users of Apple devices with iOS 14. Now they will be able to modify the Applications that come configured by default to browse websites and manage email. A feature that has been around on Android for a long time. However, this new feature will make the Apple ecosystem even more efficient.

New Widgets on the iOS 14 screen

Apple had spent years trying to offer an acceptable alternative to have Widgets on iOS. However, it has not succeeded until now that it has presented the new design for these in its new Operating System. Apple introduced a new size which you can customize and add to any space on the home screen. Super convenient by now and definitely Android inspired.

Applications automatically divided into folders

Apart from the Widgets on the main screen we will now also have a new function. The application library that is a repertoire that collects apps of the same type. It also divides and organizes them by categories, very similar to the Android Drawer App.

Custom Suggestions for App Library

Now in iOS 14 you will have a new Application Library, just like the Google Pixel Launcher. This new function offers suggestions for applications that you know how to use frequently or that you should use depending on your current location, schedule or activity.

New banner for calls

Apple finally listens to its users regarding this topic and has decided to add a new banner for calls on iOS. 14. Let us remember that at the moment of receiving calls the same is presented in a very intrusive way occupying the full screen. The same for other Apps like WhatsApp, Discord or Skype.

PiP mode in iOS 14

One of the functions without a doubt more anticipated, expected and claimed by Apple users. We can finally use the Picture in Picture function and send videos to the background while you check other apps. We thank Apple for the gesture and let’s not forget that this has been possible on Android for a long time.

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