Logitech K600 keyboard: Control your TV and PC

If you use your Smart TV a lot, especially with online content viewing tools such as Netflix, it sometimes becomes awkward to use the TV remote itself to search for content. Fortunately, many Smart TVs have Bluetooth, through which you can connect peripherals such as the Logitech K600 keyboard that we are going to talk about today, a keyboard with a touchpad especially designed for Smart TV and which is also now on sale with 39% off.

The Logitech K600 is a wireless keyboard designed to give you everything you need to navigate on your Smart TV or PC connected to a television, so that you can manage all the content in a much easier and more comfortable way than using the TV remote. Of course, this keyboard is compatible with Smart TV (we will tell you the models below), with PCs (Windows or Mac) and with Android and iOS devices .

Logitech K600, a keyboard for Smart TV

Logitech K600 keyboard

In addition to having all the keys on a TKL keyboard (without a numeric pad), the Logitech K600 incorporates specific functions for Smart TV, such as the directional pad (located in the upper right corner) to be able to move through the TV menus, as well like the shortcuts located on the left side of the keyboard.

Likewise, it has a highly accurate touchpad that even allows control with gestures. In addition, given its generous size, it is ideal for navigating menus, tools, or even web pages on large televisions since it will allow us to move around the entire screen with great ease.

Logitech K600 keyboard

This keyboard can be connected directly through Bluetooth low consumption, or with the Logitech Unifying receiver. It is compatible, as we indicated before, with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices and with the following Smart TVs:

  • Samsung SUDH / UHD (Tizen – 2016+).
  • LG OLED / SUHD / UHD (WebOS – 2016+).
  • SONY Bravia UHD (Android TV – 2016+).
  • Philips UHD (Android TV – 2016+).

Essentially, it is compatible with any Smart TV that has Bluetooth, but also through its Unifying receiver if they do not have this technology. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it simply works with two AAA batteries that have an average duration of 12 months, and the keyboard has a range of 15 meters, so even in the largest salons you will have no problems using it.

Finally, it should be noted that the keyboard has a switch that allows it to be linked with up to three devices simultaneously, so that you do not have to be synchronizing it every time you want to use it on a different device: you can have it synchronized at the same time on the Smart TV and on the PC, for example, and switch between them simply with a switch.