– Comfortable design
– Decent battery
– Smart features
– Multiple guided programs included
– Active noise cancellation
– It takes time to get used to wearing at night
– A voluminous and quiet volume outside the bedroom

If you have trouble sleeping, maybe you just need a helping hand? Or helping the headphones. That’s what Kokoon promises with its sleeping headphones.

This over-the-ear device is designed to help you relax, unwind, and therefore sleep better. It’s not just a pair of headphones you wear in bed, but comfortable sleeping cans that are designed to fit your personal experience.

The Kokoon Sleep headphones feature EEG (electroencephalogram) brain wave sensors, motion detection and noise cancelation (ANC) hardware, used in combination to help you relax in peaceful sleep. But is everything really working?

Comfortable sleep-inducing design.

  • Constructed with natural fibers and silicone headphones.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low-power / 3.5mm audio cable, micro-USB charging
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC), passive noise isolation, active white noise

If you’ve had trouble sleeping, either because of the difficulties relaxing from the stress of the day, or simply because of the discomfort of sleeping at night, you may have turned to music or white noise solutions.

Kokoon Sleep Headphones

Imagine Kokoon as several steps beyond that. After all, putting on standard headphones and trying to hear some white noise from your phone will be a messy and awkward affair with bulky cans strapped to your head.

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The Kokoon Sleep headphones are lightweight, flexible, and made of comfortable materials including soft silicon and natural fibers. These ear muffs are also designed with passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation characteristics, which means that as soon as you put them on, even without reproducing any sounds, you are transported to a quieter, distraction-free world.

But then again, Kokoon is much more than a set of comfortable headphones. It is a complete package. The sleep headphones come with a complementary application and a multitude of guided sleep programs, music files, relaxing soundscapes, etc. It is this system, combined with the smart sensors inside, that provides a personalized experience to help you relax and unwind based on the results you get.

Smart customization

  • Motion detection technology
  • EEG brain wave sensors (electroencephalogram)
  • Custom audio, shows, and soundscapes.
  • 500 mAh lithium-ion battery – for over 13 hours of battery life

The Kokoon Sleep headphones have EEG brain wave sensors built into the headphones. These sensors come in contact with your ears while using the headphones, but in such a way that you are not aware of it. This is because the sensors are built on a wobbly silicone base to maintain comfort.

An EEG is a non-invasive way of recording electrical patterns in the brain. Clinically, it is used to help diagnose conditions, here it is used to understand and tailor your personalized program to help you sleep.

This feature, combined with motion detection technology, allows Kokoon to exercise when you fell asleep, how long it took, and how deeply you fell asleep.

This in effect means that, based on your reaction, the machine will suggest programs and audio that are possibly the most useful to you.

This not only results in quite ingenious data, but it allows the headphones to adjust the audio levels to realize that you are falling asleep. Therefore, avoid disturbing him once he falls asleep.

The mobile app & EEG headphones that lull you to sleep – PGS Software
image credit: pgs-soft

Obviously, something like this takes time to get used to. If you’ve been resting your tired head on a pillow every night and just struggling with your brain to fall asleep, then wearing headphones and listening to sounds may not seem immediately intuitive.

But Kokoon is designed to help you get into the area. When you start using the Sleep headphones, they introduce you to how things work with several short guided sessions (10 minutes). Just put on the headphones, get comfortable in a comfortable place and listen to the dream-inducing tones of the narrator who speaks to you through it all.

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From there, they will guide you through various breathing and relaxation exercises designed to help you loosen your limbs, relax your body, and generally relax your mind in a peaceful sleep.

These sessions are supported by a variety of background audio sounds, including those of the summer meadows, the ocean crashing gently on the beach, the gurgling stream, the gentle autumn rains, the crackling of a campfire, or the flowing river. These are peaceful white noise options that continue after the end of audio-guided sessions and help you sleep.

Kokoon Sleep Headphones

We quickly discovered that these sessions were joyous. The gentleman who does the voice work has an incredibly relaxing tone and the makeup of the guided sessions quickly teaches you how to relax in various effective ways. They teach you to focus on your breathing and relax your body while eliminating distractions from your mind. All of this is done satisfactorily.

Premium Headphone Fit

  • Weigh: 350g
  • 40mm drivers
  • Washable pads

The Kokoon Sleep headphones are a fantastic product designed with a really comfortable fit.

We will not deny that it takes time to get used to wearing headphones in bed. But they are narrow, comfortable, light and not too bulky. If these ears get too much, you can remove them at any time of the night and they will automatically go to sleep to save battery power. The whole system is cleverly thought of in that way.

Kokoon Sleep Headphones

The only downside for many users may be adjusting to the feeling of wearing a headset at night. If you sleep on your side, the pressure of the headphones can be too much at times. Kokoon recommends soft, stuffed pillows to alleviate this problem. And we have to say that the comfortable design of the headphones is certainly better than it would be to use normal headphones in bed.

In addition to working with the associated application, Kokoon is also designed as standard headphones, if you want to play your favorite songs. The headphones can be connected via Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm cable. You can stream Spotify through your phone to these cans easily enough, and with active noise cancellation enabled, you can also enjoy immersive listening.

The two buttons on the headset not only act as controllers to turn the headphones on and adjust the ANC, but also allow pause/play and bypass the multimedia controls.

Kokoon says the sleeping headphones are designed not only for sleeping, but also for use in other places, such as on an airplane, for example, where you can relax while blocking out surrounding noise.

Kokoon Sleep Headphones

However, it’s worth noting that these headphones aren’t particularly loud. We assume they are of a limited level, so you are not accidentally given a heart attack in the middle of the night, but during the day in a noisy environment this could be problematic.

Bluetooth connectivity, of course , means that these headphones need to be charged from time to time. We found that we could use a few days per charge, but that will vary depending on whether you spend all night using or using these cans during the day.

First impressions

Altogether, despite our initial cynicism, we are impressed with the Kokoon Sleep headphones. These over-the-ear sleeping aids are not cheap, but as a comfortable and capable sleeping aid we have found it an aid.

Once you get used to using Headphones to sleep in bed, and that can take a bit of time, especially for some people, we soon discovered that we slept more easily and relaxed in the most satisfying way.