In fact, if in 2020 you have not yet purchased a PS4 or Xbox One, you are either a decidedly PC or mobile gamer, or you only occasionally play a video game. Either way, you’re unlikely to be interested in a Sony or Microsoft home console, especially as both will be replaced by next-gen models by the end of the year – if market conditions allow. 

Especially since if you buy a PS4 or Xbox One now, it is possible that in two to five years you will no longer be able to access the latest AAA video game releases, as they will be for the most recent consoles. It is important to know this before embarking on compulsive shopping. Note, however, that Microsoft is committed to ensuring the compatibility of its entire catalog of games on all of its consoles. Even after the launch of its future Xbox Series X.

However, the PS5 and Xbox Series X will also be backward compatible and allow you to run PS4 and Xbox One games with no problem. From this long-term perspective, the next generation consoles are by far the most promising.

Yet the recent surge in sales of all current consoles reveals that buyers are more concerned with the short term, right now. The possibility of imminent re-containment is indeed pushing many people to rush to new sources of entertainment.

With the supply shortage the Nintendo Switch is experiencing (it’s just coming out), the PS4 and Xbox One are posing as excellent gaming companions that will help you kill time. What is more, they both have huge catalogs of quality, for prices currently falling, for both hardware and software.  

First, the PS4 is yours. The most successful game console of its generation. The most affordable model remains the PS4 Slim. It has a definite advantage over the Xbox One, with a wider and more varied choice of video games. As well as exclusives which are among the best titles of previous years, all media combined. Like Marvel’s Spider-ManGod of War or Horizon Zero Dawn . Much like the Nintendo Switch, stocks of PS4 slim are struggling to replenish at the moment. We find slightly more PS4 Pro, more expensive because it supports 4K definition. Here are the last good plans identified, concerning the PS4 Slim and Pro.

Today’s best PS4 Slim deals:

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Then there is the Xbox One. Like the PS4, it also comes in two variants: the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. The first is a light version of the original 2013 console, while the more expensive Xbox One X is wants much more powerful and can run games in 4K. Both Xboxes include an impressive backward compatibility option, which means you can play older games released on the Xbox 360 and the original 2001 Xbox. This is a bonus you won’t get on the PS4, for example. example.

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There are two editions of Xbox One S – if you go for the All-Digital edition, be aware that it does not have a disc drive, and you will only be able to run digital games on it. Of course, as with their competitors, orders for Xbox One consoles are complex today. But some good deals persist.

Today’s best Xbox One S deals:

Today’s best Xbox One X deals:

Are you bored to death? Opt for a PS Plus / Xbox Live Gold subscription!

Online gaming platforms, such as Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network, have been seeing spikes in traffic in recent months. This is not a surprise since they allow their members to meet virtually. A sort of emergency café / brasserie where you can meet your friends.

Although you have to pay for access to these multiplayer gaming services, options like PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold prove to be extremely profitable. For €8.99 and €6.99 per month respectively, you get a premium choice of free games offered monthly. Others are lifelong like Apex LegendsWarframeCall of Duty: Warzone, or Fortnite. By playing it together, it represents hundreds of hours of fun without having to spend a single extra penny.

So while patiently waiting for the release of the PS5 or Xbox Series X is the best decision, in the long run, getting yourself a PS4 or Xbox One right now may well make your total confinement, solo or with the family, more pleasant.

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