Huawei without Google: what are we really losing?

You will continue to use Google applications as the user of an Honor or Huawei handset, either by installing them or by using the Mobile Clone software. You will now view all the software you have already downloaded from the Play Store, or even bought. I’ll show you the things you can foresee in this post, and how to fix them.

Without Google I checked the 9X Pro Honor for two weeks. I feel less angry than I was originally scared of. I will use any of my old software anyway. I go to another app store (rarely in the AppGallery) to do this, or I demonstrate my creativity seeking an intriguing option.

This journey in tech exploration is still happily refreshing to me. Although I can accept that there is no interest in someone and no patience for this sort of situation.

Inventory: These applications have been tested

Before the Honor 9X Pro, I had tested the  Huawei Nova 5T  with Google services extensively. Thanks to the Huawei Phone Clone tool, you can transfer applications and their data from the old to the new smartphone in no time.

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The following applications were part of my test and therefore serve as a sample:

  • Airbnb
  • Basecamp 3
  • Bring!
  • Coronica
  • eBay
  • EBay classifieds
  • EufyHome (Smart home control)
  • Feedly
  • Bet
  • Google Assistant
  • Meeting places
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Maps
  • (Meeting places) Meetings
  • Gmail
  • ING Banking
  • Joey (Reddit app)
  • LastPass
  • LinkedIn
  • Nuki
  • PayPal
  • Personio
  • ProtonMail
  • Signal
  • Slack
  • Spotify
  • Swipetimes
  • Synchronization
  • Telegram
  • threema
  • Trainline
  • WinSIM service
  • Zoom

Apps that keep running

We were able to successfully transfer the following applications either by Phone Clone or by download:

  • Airbnb (Phone Clone)
  • Coronica (Phone Clone)
  • EBay classifieds (Phone Clone)
  • EufyHome (intelligent home control, Aurora store)
  • Feedly (website)
  • Cheapskate (Phone Clone)
  • ING Banking (Aurora Store)
  • LastPass (Aurora store)
  • LinkedIn (Phone Clone)
  • Nuki (Phone Clone)
  • PayPal (Phone Clone)
  • Personio (Phone Clone)
  • ProtonMail (website)
  • Signal (APK Pure)
  • Slack (Aurora store)
  • Spotify (Aurora store)
  • Synchronization (F-Droid)
  • Telegram messenger (F-Droid)
  • threema (website)
  • Trainline (Phone Clone)
  • WinSIM service (Phone Clone)
  • Zoom (Phone Clone)

I found Airbnb as a “Quick App” in the AppGallery. A review of official documentation reveals that it is apparently Huawei’s counterpart to Google’s “Instant Apps”. However, the version installed via Phone Clone or alternative Play-Store works perfectly.

In the AppGallery, I only found the Miser, Telegram and Trainline apps to download directly. When I searched for Spotify, I was redirected to an APK Pure download platform. When I looked for  Google Maps,  here is the very good alternative that appeared to me:

Huawei without Google

 The version of ING’s banking application obtained from the Aurora Store works perfectly. It is only when I try to activate notifications for bank transfers in the settings that there is an error message. This is explained by the fact that the application wanted to access the GMS kernel which is not available on the Honor 9X Pro. The HMS kernel is not recognized by the application.

For telegram, I use the F-Droid version. The latter is configured and arrives with a prompt for use without Google Services. Therefore, the code stays active in the background and can be used to search for new incoming messages.

Signal is offers the framework for download via the APK system on its website. Sadly, the build on this platform is mostly older than Play Store edition. You get an error message when you switch your cats to the current smartphone saying that the backup is from an earlier device and can not be restored. The new version I find was at APK Flat.

Provisional conclusion

Inventions often satisfy a particular requirement. Yet how much can a mobile producer believe in its customers ‘creative talent? Android is a little bit more difficult to use than iOS, historically. However, amateurs especially enjoy this element, as it gives them the feeling of being involved in product creation.

But what level of discovery can Huawei and Honor expect from their new customers? For me, a relatively experienced smartphone user, the lack of a Play Store was an average challenge. But what about a new customer who suddenly has to manually download and update common applications like WhatsApp?

The situation becomes even more complicated when professional or personal needs make Google services essential. In the second part of this series of articles, I will describe how you can continue to use Google services like Calendar, Hangouts-Meet or Gmail and which applications you can replace with good alternatives. One thing I can anticipate: Everything works one way or another. And it tends to get easier.

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