Maybe on some occasion, you have wondered if there is a way to duplicate the screen of your iPhone on a Mac or Windows PC. The answer is yes, it is possible, although for this you need to have software that allows you to do it and this is what I want to talk to you about in this article.

Specifically, I want to tell you about 5K Player, a free video and audio player that, among other features, offers the possibility of receiving content from other compatible devices through AirPlay. This means that you can turn your Mac or Windows PC into an AirPlay receiver and thanks to it play music, videos, or duplicate the screen of your iOS devices or another Mac.

duplicate the screen of your iPhone on a Mac or Windows PC

How to mirror iPhone to Mac or PC with 5K Player

One of the coolest features of this software, as I said, is the ability to mirror iPhone (or other iOS devices like iPad or iPod Touch) to Mac or iPod Touch. Windows PC.

To accomplish this, the first step you need to do is download the Mac or Windows software and install it on your computer. Once installed, open it and follow the instructions to completely register it for free (you just have to send your name and email address).

Three Ways to Mirror iPhone to Mac Easily & Successfully

Once installed and opened, everything is ready to start using the AirPlay function and easily duplicate the screen of your iOS device on the computer.

To achieve this you must do the following:

  1. Keep 5K Player with AirPlay open on your computer.
  2. Open the iOS Control Center and choose the Duplicate Screen option.
  3. Select the computer in the device list that appears.

This is all. Once these steps are followed, the content of your iPhone screen will appear on the computer screen and everything you do will be seen on it. In addition, you will also see a Record button that you can press if you want everything that happens while the device is connected through AirPlay to be recorded in a video that you can see later from the Library section of 5K Player.

If pressing the Duplicate Screen button does not show the computer, make sure that both the iPhone and the computer are connected to the same local network. This is one of the few essential requirements for AirPlay to function properly.

In addition to this function, 5K Player also offers the possibility of using a Mac or Windows PC as an AirPlay receiver for other common functions such as: playing music, photos, etc, etc …

Other 5K Player Features

But 5K Player is more than software to turn a computer into an AirPlay receiver. It also offers options for playing audio, video, IPTV / M3U, music, YouTube video download, etc, etc…

5K Player User Interface

In this sense, it is important to mention that the player offers compatibility with most of the common audio and video formats, which guarantees that with it you will be able to play practically any file you have.

In addition, it also offers audio and video editing options . For example, it is possible to cut a piece of a video, convert a video only to audio in MP3 or AAC format, change the playback speed and other very useful options for the basic editing of any video file.

Last but not least, 5K Player also offers DLNA server functions . Thanks to this, you can stream music and video between compatible devices such as consoles, Smart TVs, Android smartphones, etc, etc…


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