Without a doubt Apple AirPods was one of its most popular and successful products. The imitators would of course be expected to focus all their efforts on copying this piece. Since Apple does almost everything is expensive and AirPods is no exception. So if you’re looking for a used or discount pair, you’ve got to be very careful or you might end up with a non-original.

Honestly it is not that difficult to recognize an original product. Keep reading this article and by the time you’ve finished it you’ll already be able to recognize a pair of real fake AirPods.

Here is how to identify original AirPods that are imitation:

How to identify fake AirPods

1. Check the Serial Number on the official Apple website

One of the first things you should do to verify the authenticity of the item is to check the serial numbers of the item on the official Apple website. You can locate this serial at the bottom of the AirPods charging case or in the original packaging. Next to the barcode.

Original AirPods

Once you have found the code, go to https://checkcoverage.apple.com. If the serial number appears on Apple’s servers, then the equipment is authentic. There you can also receive information about the warranty time available and if applicable for technical service. If the device does not appear here, it is simply not original and be very careful. Since imitators even know how to copy Apple’s H1 chip.

2. Check the original packaging for inconsistencies

One of the things Apple does to make us love its products is to pay attention to every little detail. From the product as such, in this case the AirPods, as its packaging. Apple never disappoints.

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Let’s take a closer look at the real and fake AirPods packaging to identify the key differences.

On one side of the box, the authentic packaging has two separate stickers while its fake pair only has one that completely occupies that side. The original packaging uses the San Francisco font, while the fake packaging uses another type of font.

fake airpods

We continue on one side we check the Apple logo, you will notice that in the false packaging the lake has a bit curved edges. In the original packaging the edges of the lake are straighter.

Another facet and important aspect of the box is that, as we had already mentioned, the font used in the labels and the box is very characteristic, the letters on the actual packaging are a little thinner.

Turning to the back of the packaging, we again notice that the typeface is quite different.


Now let’s review the AirPods packaging manuals. The text that says “Designed by Apple in California” is gray in the original packaging. In the packaging of the fake AirPods they come in black.

Other than that the font is not correct. Just review the manuals to realize that the icons are not those used by Apple.

original AirPods

3. Checking the bottom of the AirPods

Next to check when you have the AirPods at hand. The bottom of the headphones, where the charging contacts are located. The meshes on the original AirPods have an oval shape while the fake ones are a little more round and bulky.

original AirPods

In addition, the imitation AirPods have mesh in silver, instead of the dark gray of the originals. The charging contacts are also slightly larger in the fake version.

4. Also check the speaker mesh

Continuing with some key details that will let us know if our AirPods are original or imitation. Take a closer look at the meshes that AirPods Speakers have.

In the real AirPods the Speakers are clearly seen on the inside while in the imitation version you can hardly see them.

original AirPods

The IR proximity sensor in the original AirPods is completely linked with the rest of the body of the same. Practically those holes in the body of the AirPods are not felt, in the imitation AirPods yes.

5. Compared the charging case

Continuing with our analysis of original AirPods against imitation. Let’s take a close look at the loading case.

The difference here is not much, but what there is is key. Once again we can notice that the type of letters on the back is different. Also the button on the back is a little bit out. instead of being perfectly attached to the case.

6. Check the LED indicator

Another way to know if your AirPods are imitation is by looking at the LED indicator on the back. Look for inconsistencies in position and color.

original AirPods

We also note that the gauge is slightly smaller on the original AirPods.

7. Check the Lightning port

Continuing with the guide. We review the Lightning ports at the bottom, this is a super imported detail.

original AirPods

We noticed there’s a small gap between the case and the lightning port on the fake AirPods charging case, which is nonexistent on the real one.

We note a small gap between the case and the charging pin of the original case against the fake. This is quite remarkable, pay close attention to this detail when you have the equipment in your hands or ask for images of it.

In conclusion

As you may have noticed, it is not so difficult to identify real versus imitation AirPods. Counterfeiters did an excellent job with these fake kits they have even managed to imitate the H1 chip which has tricked many people.


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