How to install Google Stadia on your smartphone?

You can currently download Google Stadia on any recent Android smartphone. While the Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Asus ROG, and Razer ranges officially support Google’s service, some smartphones currently only support it “experimentally”, so you can use any other device using the same operating system to access it.

This means that unless you have an iPhone or a very old Android phone, you can successfully play Google Stadia, and thanks to the free trial, it won’t cost you a dime for a while.

If you are a player who wants to try Google Stadia on his phone, you’re in luck, because unlike TVs where you need the Stadia controller to play, you will be able to use the app on your smartphone directly with your controller PS4 or Xbox One. Some mobile game controllers also work, such as Razer’s “Razer Kishi”.

The process of connecting your gamepad to your smartphone can be a bit complicated, and you will need to adapt to the platform, which is why we have developed this guide to help you get through all the steps without any problem.

How to install the Stadia application?

Using a compatible smartphone, go to the Play Store to download the Google Stadia app. It shouldn’t be too difficult, you probably already know how to get apps on your phone. If you do not have a Google account, it will surely be more practical for you to create one on the site and to log back into the application afterwards.

Once in the application, you should be able to access the Stadia interface as well as all the games that you will have purchased. Whether or not you use your phone to play Stadia, you will need to download the app to be able to play games and browse the library, so it should become fairly familiar to you over time.

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Initially, to be able to play on mobile, you had to go through the purchase of the Google Stadia Premiere Edition pack (unless you had a promotional code), it included the controller as well as three months of subscription to Stadia Pro. But now you will no longer need Stadia Pro to play Stadia.

How to connect your controller to your smartphone?

download google stadia

You will not be able to play Google Stadia on a smartphone using your fingers, you will need to obtain a controller to use this service. If you already have a console, nothing could be simpler, otherwise you may need to get the Stadia controller on the dedicated site.

Not many people know that you can connect a gamepad to your smartphone, but it’s actually quite easy, and it can come in handy if you’re a mobile gamer. You can for example connect a DualShock 4 controller (PS4), or an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller (no point here if you find the console), or their own Google Stadia controller. The Switch Pro controller, keyboards, and mice will not work in this configuration, although you can use them for Stadia on a computer.

Another possibility to connect your controller to your smartphone is the connection by USB, and it should be noted that this is sometimes the only possible option on some controllers, you can see which ones here.

As your smartphone will surely have a USB-C or microUSB port, you will need an adapter to be able to plug in your controller, which controller will probably have a USB 3.0 socket which is also used to charge it from the console. You will probably have to go to the store to find this adapter, but it will still ensure a stable connection.


You can find all smartphones and controllers compatible with Stadia on the Google website by clicking here.

The other option you have to connect your smartphone to your controller is Bluetooth, it works for the PS4 controller as well as for the standard Xbox One and Xbox Adaptive controllers. First make sure that your controller is disconnected from your console before trying to connect it to your smartphone

Put your controller in pairing mode by holding the Options and PS buttons on the PS4 controller (the second is the small button in the center of the controller, not the trackpad) or by holding the synchronization button on the Xbox controller for a few seconds.

On your smartphone, find the Bluetooth menu by showing your quick settings with a swipe from top to bottom and pressing the Bluetooth icon. Make sure your smartphone is discovering other devices if it isn’t already, and your wireless controller should appear in the list.

It is important to note that sometimes you have to try it several times to be able to detect your controller and that you may have to turn Bluetooth on and off a few times to be able to successfully pair your two devices. Your controller will no longer try to connect after a while if the pairing process is not successful, so if that does not work, please try again. After a while, if your controller is no longer connected to your console, the console and the smartphone should be able to pair. Now you need to successfully operate your controller with Google Stadia.

How to operate your controller with Google Stadia?

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Even if you finally manage to pair your controller to your phone, it is not always easy to have it recognized by Stadia. We recommend that you first make sure that your smartphone is updated to the latest version of Android: Android 10.

Next, in the Google Stadia app, tap the gamepad icon in the upper-right corner of the screen (to the right of the account icon). If your phone is up to date, and your controller is successfully paired, you should see it appear here so that you can select it and thus pair the two devices.

It is important to point out that during our tests, we had some problems with this step, but an update to Android 10 fixed the problem. Google says you have to be on the latest version of its operating system to use a Bluetooth connection here, although we have heard of people on Android 9 who have managed to use a USB connection to make everything work.

Anyway, we recommend updating to Android 10 just for its intrinsic benefits, and all officially compatible smartphones have the update anyway, no reason to stick with Android 9 so.

If everything worked well, your PS4, Xbox, or Stadia controller should now be recognized by the application, and you can now go and immerse yourself in your favorite games.

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