How Netflix download limitation work

We can’t deny that Netflix has become one of the best streaming platforms for series and movies. For a reasonable fee, users have access to a large library where they can view all of the content they want as often as they want. However, in recent weeks, we have seen how this network is being gradually closed, with the limitations it brings to the service.

Netflix began to hide the application from the Play Store to users who had modified the device, for example, to root it in a desperate measure to fight piracy in which they all pay for a few, in addition of the tests that the company was carrying out to raise the monthly fee to those who used the platform on weekends.

In addition to this limitation, Netflix has other restrictions on its platform, specifically related to the series and movie downloads we make from the platform and the number of devices that download a certain series.

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Next, we will explain how these limitations work and, if this limit is reached, how to continue using the platform.

How the Netflix download limit works

Netflix allows you to download series and movies so you can watch them at any time without an Internet connection. These series occupy a certain space that varies according to validity and duration. Therefore, if we download several files on a smartphone or tablet, if we run out of space, we can no longer download more.

This, on the one hand, may be good to avoid running out of space in the internal memory of the device, however, on the other hand, it is poorly limited since users who have an SD card or connect a USB memory through OTG, As long as they have little internal storage space, they will not be able to download more series, even if they have 64 GB in the external memory.

In addition to this limitation, for licensing reasons, Netflix may also display a notice to users who download many chapters of the same series , indicating that they have already downloaded many videos and that they must delete some before downloading more. In addition, depending on the videos, these may have an expiration date and be deleted two days or a week, also, for license reasons with the producer.

netflix download limitation

Too many downloads on too many devices

This is another of the limitations that Netflix has on its platform. Depending on the Netflix subscription we have, we can use our account from one device to up to 4 at a time, and some users use this to share with friends and reduce expenses (something that goes against the license terms).

Therefore, the producers have forced Netflix to limit the number of series and chapters that can be viewed and downloaded on each device . In this way, if there are too many downloads of the same series at the same time from different devices, we may get to see a message indicating that “we have downloaded to too many devices”.

To end this problem, we will have to delete the downloads from some devices in order to continue downloading more and restart the app to synchronize again with the server.

What do you think of the limits Netflix applies to its users? Correct or disproportionate and spoiling the experience of using the platform?