Google Pixel 5: release date, price, news and leaks

What happened to the Google Pixel 5? We’ve heard a lot about the Google Pixel 4a and its planned launch since May, since postponed in Greece. But what about Google’s flagship killer? Its 2020 edition remains mysteriously silent. Like the leaks relating to the development of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, the leaks on the potential characteristics, the performance of the camera or the Pixel 5 chip are rather rare.

All the more curious that, if the precedent holds true, we expect to see the Google Pixel 5 arrive around October 2020. A few months before a probable launch, it is incredible to collect so little information on such a smartphone.

What can we expect from Google Pixel 5 in the future? When the Pixel 4 was launched at the end of 2019, we clearly appreciated its photo rendering and its 90 Hz screen. Conversely, his battery life left something to be desired, and the lack of a fingerprint sensor made us a little upset. These deficiencies provide major avenues for improvement in the form and capabilities of the next Pixel 5 device.

The release of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL has been very enthusiastic, although they have never matched the level of popularity of the Pixel 3 since. The next generation could give Google revenge and the opportunity to impress. again the general public. Read on to find out where we think the Google Pixel 5 might impress us.

The first info on the Google Pixel 5

  • What is the Google Pixel 5? Google’s next flagship smartphone
  • What is the Google Pixel 5 launch date? Probably in October 2020
  • How much will the Google Pixel 5 cost? The price should be around 769 €

Google Pixel 5 release date and price

Google Pixel 5

It’s a bit early to confidently state the Pixel 5 release date. Even though, given the planning of previous years and despite the tumultuous nature of 2020, we can afford to make an educated guess.

The Pixel 4 launched on October 24, 2019, and we should reasonably expect a rough release around that date in 2020. All of the previous Google Pixel flagships launched in October. The first three Pixel phones were revealed in the first week of the month, while the fourth was released during the last. Which one will win for the Pixel 5?


In terms of price, the Google Pixel 5 will likely go on sale at the same original price or a little more than the Pixel 4, around $ 769.

If the cost of mobile components (and therefore of the final smartphone) has slowly increased in recent years, Google could consider lowering the price of its future flagship killer. An investigation by the firm was reportedly conducted to find out whether consumers would buy a “premium Google smartphone” at 699 dollars/euros. The yes certainly won and will probably encourage the Mountain View firm to use its calculator for the benefit of future buyers.

Technical characteristics and performance of Google Pixel 5

As of July 2020, Google has yet to finalize the design of the Pixel 5. In other words, all the leaks and rumors currently circulating are to be taken with a grain of salt. The sources of information that we cite have proven their reliability for years. However, nothing beats the official information distilled by the manufacturer. The items below do give us some interesting clues about the upcoming Pixel series, however.

The biggest Google Pixel 5 leak to date… is actually the Pixel 5 XL. A high-quality visual reveals a supposed prototype of the phone. Here’s what it would look like:

As you can see, the design of the camera is quite different from the current standard models and is likely to split. But the source behind the leak claims it is just one of three existing prototypes. And that the other two use a square photo block, more conventional.

One of the three lenses pictured above is apparently a wide angle, which would be a brand new addition to the lineup. As for the front cover of the phone, it is not revealed but would apparently remain similar to that of the Pixel 4. With a large top bezel – although slightly thinner this time around.

We’ve also seen visual leaks purporting to show off the standard Google Pixel 5, but a number of sources have since cast doubt on this, possibly untrue, speculation.

The images below show a phone with wide side bezels, a square photo block and a fingerprint sensor on the back, as well as a punch concealing the front camera.

The same leaker also shared illustrations of the Pixel 5 XL and they look – unsurprisingly – like the standard Pixel 5 render.

The differences between the two series of photos lead us to harbor more suspicion about the second, which is controversial by several analysts.

On the processor side, one of the most recent speculations suggests that the Pixel 5 will ship the high-end Snapdragon 765G chipset. A component that would place it below the performance observed in flagship killers currently in circulation. This processor could be upgraded, however, as Qualcomm has since released its successor: the Snapdragon 768G. The latter is pin-compatible and software-compatible with the Snapdragon 765G, which should make it easy for Google to make the change if it intended to use the 765G originally. This heir offers overall improvements, getting a bit closer to the high-end Snapdragon 865.

Another source has indicated that the Google Pixel 5 will use a slightly lower performance chipset than either, in the form of the Snapdragon 765. It’s a processor that is only slightly different from the G variant, but it is also older.

We’ve also heard that the Google Pixel 5 will feature a reverse wireless charging feature , according to Android 11 code found in a developer’s beta. This would power other compatible devices, such as headphones, a watch or another phone, using the Pixel 5 as a “charging pad”.

However, this function can be a bit energy-intensive. We’ve heard of an “  ultra-low power mode  ” that could be used for both the Pixel 5 and its predecessor. This mode will likely turn off a lot of the phone’s features, like location and auto-sync apps, to keep your phone running for as long as possible.

Finally, it looks like the Soli radar present in the Pixel 4 will disappear in the Pixel 5. That would mean the end of hands-free navigation, an option little appreciated by users of the current series anyway. The lack of this feature could also lower the price of the phone.

Check back to this page regularly for the latest Pixel 5 leaks and rumors. These will accelerate over the next few months and maybe even weeks, as production of the Google Pixel 5 prototypes continues.

What we want to see on the Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 4 has been refined compared to its predecessor, but it leaves a lot to be desired in some very specific areas (like its battery life). We would also like to take advantage of features already available on other competing flagship killers, features that we have carefully listed below.

1. Extend battery life

The biggest complaint against the previous Google Pixel smartphone was its poor battery life. If the battery capacity doesn’t tell you how much time you have left before a necessary recharge, the 2800 mAh figure is far too low for a recent mid-range smartphone. As for the Pixel 4, many users have found that the battery dies before the day is over.

The Google Pixel 4 XL fared a bit better with a boosted capacity of 3,700mAh, but even that only takes it to last a full day. If Google wants to rub shoulders with premium models, it must at least impose a 4000 mAh battery.

2. Resurrect the fingerprint sensor

The Google Pixel 4 does not have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor like the Pixel 3. Nor does a digital sensor integrated under the screen, like many high-end smartphones. All it has is a facial unlock option, and … it’s not the best.

Some users will find it easier to use, but others will likely be frustrated at having to stare at their phone until it unlocks. In the Pixel 5, we would prefer to use both facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor (preferably below the screen).

3. Add an ultra wide angle lens

We implore. We beg. Google, do like all the other Android manufacturers in 2020 and give us an ultra wide angle lens on the Google Pixel 5.

The telephoto contribution was very well received, justifying the hope that a second lens would improve portraits photographed by the Pixel and expand its versatility. But this smartphone deserves so much better in the photo radius, and would increase its range with a wide angle lens. We can and will still dream.

4. An additional Micro SD card slot would be welcome

A minimum of 64 GB of storage and a maximum of 128 GB? Is this a joke ? The fact that Google is tricking users into moving their storage to the cloud in a not-so-subtle way is pretty blatant. Users store their content internally for certain reasons, especially when they don’t have a reliable signal. It is frustrating that the possibilities for storage expansion are so limited in an Android smartphone.

In truth, we doubt a microSD card slot will be part of the Google Pixel 5 anytime soon – it wasn’t in any of the previous Pixel phones, nor in the Nexus series. But there are good reasons to claim it.

5. Stay true to the weird Pixel design

pixel 5

Google Pixel 4 smartphones are really weird looking devices. And therefore unique. They are completely bare at the back, except for a dent for the photo module. The cover is made of glass but with a rubber frame around the edges. Yes, you read that right, rubber in a smartphone!

On the front there is a notch like you rarely see in modern smartphones. Overall, the Pixel 4 is moving away from “classic” Android models, for better or for worse.

Personally, we sincerely validate this design. In addition to its uniqueness, it is easily manipulated with one hand, as with both palms. And the rubber frame is not ridiculous, it protects your Google smartphone perfectly!

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