Google has introduced a new business badge in its home country: ‘Black Owned’ or ‘Black-owned’, a way to support the anti-racist movement that emerged from the ‘ Black Lives Matter ‘. The identifier joins others already available to promote inclusion: ‘Run by women’, ‘LGBTQ-friendly’, and ‘Safe transgender space’.

Business owners can add it to Google Maps to attract customers. In this identification, the mapping service allows incorporating a considerable amount of information, from the telephone number to the menus offered by a restaurant, for example. And it’s not the only thing: Google has added new identifiers to offer support to the current ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

‘Black property’, new Google Maps badge for business

The anti-racist movement that emerged after the George Floyd tragedy spread not only throughout the United States, but also to the rest of the world. Reactions of elite athletes, leaders, public figures, and even brands, few have been those who have not positioned themselves when supporting the black community. Also, Google, just as it did in 2018 supporting women and the LGBTQ community.

United States businesses can register a new identifier on their business page on Google Maps. Named ‘Black Owned’ or ‘Black-owned’ , and highlighted with a black heart, the badge will be available to all business owners who wish to identify themselves within the black community. Google intends to promote inclusion and that business owners can show their identity to potential customers .

As Google has published in a blog article ,

“With this attribute, our goal is to make search and maps more inclusive and to help black-run businesses when they need it most.”

The new identifier is already active in the United States. We do not know if Google will extend it to businesses in other countries.


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