Garageband for Android: The 5 best alternatives

As we have done with the best games with multiplayer mode, we analyzed the Play Store thoroughly to talk to you about other similar applications to Garageband that you can use on your Android, and all of them free. Let’s go there.

Garageband is one of the most beneficial applications you can find on iOS. With your iPad or iPhone, you can easily create, play, and share your musical creations thanks to the versatile tools of this program. But what can you do if you don’t have one of these Apple devices?

Music Maker JAM

This music creation app is available for free in the Android Play Store, so you can download it both on your mobile and on your tablet. Just like in Garageband, you can create your own songs and then share them on other platforms for the world to hear, such as SoundCloud or Facebook.

Among the most excellent features of the Music Maker JAM are more than 200 packages of musical styles (rock, pop, trap, hip-hop …), a mixer with up to 8 channels, a voice recorder, thousands with loops, melodies and rhythms that you can use for your outputs, an audio remixer while shaking your device, etc.

More than two million songs are already part of the Music Maker JAM file library. Without paying anything in return, you can join the community and enjoy this useful music-creation application.

Play Store| Music Maker JAM

Walk Band – Music Studio

One of the usual famous music production applications on Android is the Walk Band, which is free. As you can see from the previous video, it offers you a broad diversity of instruments, such as a keyboard (with 5 different sounds), guitar, drums, bass, drum instrument.

Walk Band supports an external MIDI keyboard, allowing you to connect your instrument to record your sound directly to your mobile device or tablet. This app also has multitrack recording, which is a key feature for creating your own songs. Once it happens, you can share it with Walk Band via your social networks.

Play Store | Walk Band – Music Studio

BandLab: Music recording studio and social network

We ‘re continuing this list of Garageband alternatives with BandLab, which is also free for your Android. With its multitrack editor of up to 12 tracks, all melodies can be easily captured, edited, and mixed. You can also use unrestricted cloud storage to store all of the songs that you’re creating there.

BandLab, on the other hand, is also a great tool for connecting you with other musicians that share your passion. You can use this platform to meet and create songs with other people or a group of users.

Finally, BandLab has an equalizer which controls your songs and makes them sound professional. Naturally, you can share with the rest of the communities your musical productions for feedback.

Play Store | BandLab: Music recording studio and social network

Song Maker – Free Music Mixer

Another alternative to Garageband is Song Maker which, despite being English, is still a great tool for producing music. Like the other apps, Song Maker also offers thousands of free loops and sounds to create your own melodies, divided into categories such as Guitar, Piano, Trap, Drums, and Bass…

Create innovative melodies, add your voice, and edit and mix all the elements to produce songs that you can later add to your YouTube videos, for example. Also, it should be noted that, despite being free, Song Maker will not bother you with invasive ads.

Play Store | Song Maker – Free Music Mixer

Caustic 3

We ‘re finishing the list of free alternatives to Garageband for Android with Caustic 3, which has an average rating of 4.4 users. Although it’s in English, it’s easy to understand how its musical tools, dominated by synthesizers, work. We should also mention that you can connect your MIDI tools for use in your productions.

Although it is one of the best music creation apps for Android, it is somewhat out of date when compared to the other applications on the list, since it takes a few years without receiving a necessary update . However, this is not inconvenient for you to download and test its operation, perhaps some of its tools surprise you.

Play Store | Caustic 3