Game Industry On Algorand Blockchain

Gaming dates back to the medieval time, where it was done for the fun of its, during leisure. So you see? it didn’t come into play today, as it has been an age-long practice, and what’s the saying? All work without play makes Jack a dull boy, an adage which was recorded long ago, that’s to show you how far the gaming industry has come.

Games play a great role in the lives of its participants such as children, and other categories of people. Take the children for example, who learn lots of valuable things from great games, even the ability to make decisions, especially during pressure.

Over time, gaming has transitioned from the regular method done physically, into better and fun-filled practice, following the birth of the digital era.

The digital revolution affected even the gaming industry, as the emergence of great and sophisticated technologies was also adopted in gaming, that’s why games are now played from anywhere in the world, through the use of several digital devices, designed with gaming capabilities.

Due to technological advancement, digital gaming has been made easier, more accessible, rewarding, and fun-filled. Now gamers do not just play games just for the fun of it, rather they also play to get rewarded. Wow, this is wonderful…

This means that gamers today get rewarded for enjoying their favourite games, at their leisure even from the comfort of their homes.

 Today, the gaming industry is one of the most valued systems in the entire world, due to its benefits and great contributions to the global system and the world at large.

The benefits which it brings to the table cannot be overemphasized as it contributes to a great percentage of the global economy and has more than 2.5 billion users, globally.

Despite the number of gamers in this industry, it is still growing at a very fast pace as more and more people are engaging in different games as the day goes by.

But since the digital revolution is still taking place in the world, the gaming industry needs to move with it, so that it won’t be left behind and also to create more gaming possibilities, which will unlock more benefits to the gamers, worldwide.

Emergence Of The Blockchain 

For starters, the Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger technology, that is immutable and is used to keep records in digital systems, making it possible for transactions to be verified as the information recorded on it is viewable and cannot be changed.

This technology has opened doors to all the great potentials achievable in the digital space, unleashing great benefits to the few systems that have adopted it, showing the global systems how much the can achieve through its adoption.

Blockchain Unleashed Into Gaming

This great technology called the Blockchain is not just restricted to the financial system but is open to the different sectors, even the gaming industry. 

Having seen the profits of adopting this technology, think of all the benefits that could be attained in the gaming industry, through the use of Blockchain technology.

But the disturbing challenge is the absence of a reliable Blockchain that could be efficiently integrated into the gaming industry, with ease. 

Gaiming Industry Now Depneds on Algorand Blockchain 

Algorand Blockchain is a unique technology that was developed by the Algorand foundation as a public decentralized tool operating with the Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPOS) consensus and totally permissionless, to bring improvement to the different sectors of the world. 

The Algorand Blockchain with its unique qualities that sets it apart from the other Blockchain in the industry, will definitely give the gaming world a new look, where users get to enjoy a great gaming experience.

A clear indication of the extent at which the Algorand Blockchain has impacted digital gaming is seen in its selection to be used as the first Blockchain to record the first digital Chess Rating, in the entire world.

Since the chess game is a very reputable game, it is important that it also enjoys a taste of the digital revolution, and that is exactly what the Algorand Blockchain has presented. 

This milestone which was made possible with the Algorand Blockchain has indeed set the pace in the gaming industry, creating the possibility for better achievements to be reached with this Blockchain and the opportunity for the full integration of the Blockchain into different digital gaming systems, due to its vitality and sophistication.

To add to this, Algorand Blockchain has also joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), a prominent name in the global gaming system, so as to help improve the gaming industry and drive the global exploitation of the Blockchain. 

Gaming will become bigger and better, through the incorporation of this cutting-edge tool into the gaming frameworks. One might ask, how will the Algorand Blockchain profit the gaming industry? The answer to that is very simple, as we are going to look at… 

Benefits Of Algorand Blockchain To Gaming 

  • The Algorand Blockchain is fully scalable, and so once integrated into a system, makes it possible for that system to be improved with ease. 

 So, the Algorand Blockchain provides the scalability which the gaming industry so desires, to make for easy upgrades. 

  • One of the desires of every gamer is to enjoy great speed while carrying out gaming activities and that is exactly what the Algorand platform presents, a lightning fast speed, to make gaming more fulfilling and fun. 
  • Full decentralization is another benefit which the Algorand Blockchain presents, as it helps in leveling the playing field for gamers, by giving them the control of their gaming activities, thereby eliminating every challenge which the gamers pass through in the centralized gaming systems. 
  • Algorand provides the gaming industry with great tools with which they can make the necessary developments on their system, so as to give the gamers a run for their money. 
  • Gamers are forced to pay a great fee just to participate in games, but the Algorand Blockchain reduces these costs, to its barest, making digital gaming affordable, enjoyable and more rewarding. 

 Truthfully, the Algorand Blockchain being adopted in the gaming industry will provide endless opportunities for the entire players in the gaming industry, unveiling different means to make gaming beneficial. 


Algorand is indeed a game changer for the gaming industry and a pace setter for the Blockchain system. 

With its full adoption in digital games, gamers can now participate unlimitedly in high quality games with great gaming features presented by the system. 

On the next publication, we would take a closer look at how Algorand Blockchain will improve the Chess Games, all over the world. 

Every atom of obscurity in digital gaming will be completely rooted out, with the benefits presented by Alogrand. 

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