The Bose Home Portable speaker has WiFi and responds to commands by being compatible with Alexa and Google: it sounds 360 degrees with power and clarity

Bose continues to surprise us with the sound capacity of its speakers. The Home Portable Speaker is one of those devices capable of giving us music at an unexpected level. For its current sale price ( 295 euros instead of 370 euros) and for the summer, it seems to us the ultimate weapon for your parties … or simply to accompany you while reading or sunbathing. To you and your friends or family, because one of the keys of this speaker is how it spreads the sound in 360 degrees. We thoroughly tested it at the time and the use during these months has not changed our good feelings about this product.

Bose Portable Home Speaker

It will be enough to choose radio, playlist or our music on the mobile, and the Bose will start playing with the highest quality directly thanks to the network. But since it has Alexa and the Google assistant (whichever you prefer or have activated) it is even easier to give instructions … “Put music from Metalica” or “Put Rock FM” or your favorite, even to increase or decrease the volume. 

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The configuration and operation are done from the Bose mobile application and it has many options, one of them “grouping” speakers to be able to have music at various points. It allows access to radios, services such as Spotify or Deezer, and is one of the simplest and most intuitive to use.

Bose Portable Home Speaker

Having a battery is a definite advantage when taking the speaker wherever we want. Bose declares a duration of 12 hours , and the truth is that in practice we have used it for long whole days without needing to charge it. A touch of the power button gives us vocal confirmation of how much charge you have left, very practical. As we say even after several months of use, the battery continues to last up to two days of fairly intensive use. It is charged by a USB-C port (there is a separate charging base although it is a bit expensive). And by the way, the speaker has no other connection , so it only has as a sound source what it receives via WiFi or Bluetooth.


The Bose Portable Home Speaker has an almost cylindrical shape, about 20 centimeters high by 10 in diameter, and also supports with Alexa and Google. Its lower part is denser to improve its balance (it does not tip over easily), and it is a solid and stable object, with a great quality sensation with its metallic finish on the bottom, and a soft rubber touch on the top. This feeling is contributed by the fact that it weighs ( approximately 1 kg ) but it handles very well with the upper handle. It is shock-resistant and the good thing is that it also withstands splashes of water … but do not throw it in the pool, which is IPX4 (non-submersible).

The Bose inside: horizontal active speaker and vertical bass radiators
The Bose inside: horizontal active speaker and vertical bass radiators

The internal loudspeaker is a horizontally positioned all-range, emitting downward on an acoustic baffle. This is how it spreads the sound in 360 degrees, something remarkable and that few speakers really get. You put it on a table playing, you walk around the table and you always perceive the music the same, without changes in level or tone. That speaker has the help of three rectangular passive radiators, located higher, that reinforce the low frequencies. The system is very successful and shows how Bose achieves a perfect acoustic result. It uses processing that reinforces the voices when receiving quality stereo signals, thus avoiding cancellations by combining the signal from two channels into one (it works perfectly).

The Bose speaker Available in white or black colors
Available in white or black colors
Bose Portable Home Speaker
KindPortable smart speaker with WiFi, Bluetooth and battery
SpeakersAll horizontal high excursion band driver, acoustic baffle and three passive ellipsoidal radiators
Wireless connectivityWiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2
TicketsIt does not have other connections
Voice assistantsIntegration with Amazon Alexa and Google Asistant
DrumsLithium, autonomy of up to 12 hours (USB-C charging)
WaterproofYes, IPx4 certification
Multiroom technologyYes, with other Bose Home Speaker and Soundbar devices, through the Bose Music App
Control and configurationBose Music app, physical buttons on top
ColorsBlack and white
Dimensions19.15 cm height x 11.9 cm width x 10.4 cm depth
Weight1.06 kg
Release dateAvailable
PriceOffer 295 euros (RRP 370 euros)