Bluzelle wants to set a new standard for data storage and management, blockchain is laying the brickwork of a new online decentralized infrastructure centralized technology won’t be sufficient enough to support these new age experiences. 

With bluzelle developers can and customers can store data for their application on its distributed network offering a more flexible and secure model than current services.

Bluzelle ecosystem connects consumers wishing to run out database space to providers with additional computing resources to offer this storage using data storage Deb and application developers alike can optimize their products by access and reliable data when necessary and storing their data on a secure platform.

Providers can in turn earn blg and dnt in compensation for providing these storage, the structure of the network as well as its functionality is actually quite simple it consists of swarms the network nodes a rating and governance system to manage these worms and a bi token payment.

system swarms like traditional blockchain nodes, bluzelles swarm is the black bone of the entire platform, this wire protocol is a network of nodes that are responsible data, the single tone network is an identifier used to donate the entire swarm’s framework in the project white paper explain it is a symbolic grouping for all works for the virtualized meta swarms, on the other hand, is a colony of leaf worms that make up the collective virtualized body, each leaf swarms toward the pieced data shared with the virtualized matters worm.

Whenever consumer provides data to the network, the data is cleared up and stored in pieces charts between each leaps work charting ensures the debt is both 

replicated and protected so that if one node goes down in the swarm at large the baton will not be lost when a customer wishes to retrieves his or her data he or she provides the private keys the current spawns to that data’s while you hash and the network returns the data since all the information on bluzelle is encrypted, no one, not even this worms can access the data without its private keys.

Last important note — unlike traditional blockchain nodes every swarms holds a copy of every piece of data on the network, instead they reach consensus and a localized level where in each virtualized swarm is responsible for its own consensus and data for instance if moley and Steve both commit data to the network moley’s might be stored on swarms 1 2 & 3 on virtualized swarm “A” while Steve’s might be stored on swarms four five and six on virtualized warranty thus only the swarms in virtualized swarm “A” would be responsible for reaching a consensus for moley’s data and the same goes for swarms in virtualized swarm B for Steve these ensures that the network can scale properly to ensure that they can be processed and delivered more efficiently.

karma and governance in order to keep bad actors in check bluzelle features a camera index for all of its operators, if an operator behaves poorly for whatever reasons his or her karma index will lower and reflect this behavior with those with lower karma will receive penalties.

Visit bluzelle official website for more info. 


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