AirPods Pro review: Apple’s best headphones are addictive

The AirPods Pro has finally arrived, with many features that we had been waiting for a while, but now that they are here, are they worth it?

Almost by surprise, although preceded by the usual rumors, Apple introduced a new version of the AirPods, its famous wireless headphones; in fact, we could say that they are the most famous headphones of the moment, the most easily recognizable.

These new AirPods Pro inherit the last name Pro, which is already present in the entire range of Apple products; This is how the highest or premium range models are identified , both by price and by characteristics.

The new AirPods Pro cost € 279, but include new features compared to the most basic second-generation models; in addition to presenting easily recognizable aesthetic changes.

What’s New in AirPods Pro vs. AirPods

  • They have IPX4 sweat and water resistance
  • They are in-ear type , that is, they do not simply rest on the ear, but are inserted with the help of the included pads.
  • They have noise cancellation, with three different modes.
  • The charging case changes slightly; it is less high but at the same time wider. The overall dimensions are the same, but with a wider shape.
  • The case has both wireless and wired charging. Only one model of the normal AirPods has wireless charging.
  • Control is achieved by pressure sensors on the earbuds.

Different, but better

The aesthetic differences are most obvious as soon as you start using the new AirPods Pro. They do not fit as much on the face as normal AirPods; Its new design means that they are not so close to the ear and face, and that aesthetically they are not so harmonious.

In fact, the first feeling is that they are not well placed at all, despite having a more optimal fit to the ear and with less risk of falling. They always seem to stick out a little more than they should; but it is normal and just a matter of getting used to that they are slightly more bulky.

Just because they are not so close to the face does not mean that they fit the ear worse; in fact, the fit is much better , among other things, by the inclusion of three different sized ear cushions, depending on the size of your ear hole. These pads are removed and put on with a very comfortable and curious patented anchorage system, but which seems, at least in our first uses, a little fragile. However, changing pads will not be frequent, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Regarding the quality of the audio, it is very similar to that of the previous AirPods. So it’s pretty good, but not great. However, being able to hear the music more clearly with the noise canceling mode makes the sound experience better.

New controls to have everything at a touch

In the AirPods Pro settings we can configure its different functions to our liking. In addition, we can directly change the configuration directly on the headphones themselves, with simple gestures.

new airpods pro

Just by holding down one of the pins (both left and right), we can change the type of active noise cancellation. We can also activate Siri on both sides, although in that case it is not even necessary to touch the headphones, since at all times we can say “Oyer Siri”

This also assumes that the music is no longer controlled by tapping, if not by pressing the pins. With one press, we will stop the music and with two touches, we move on to the next song. If we press three times, we start playing the current track.

Noise canceling mode

As its name indicates, this mode cancels the noise from the outside and isolates us to listen to the music or any content that we are playing with greater clarity and without distractions.

It should be clarified that this mode does not isolate you 100%, but a lot. If you want to run away from constant and monotonous noises, like that of an airplane or the subway, it is a pleasure to have them; They make a big difference compared to any other noise-canceling headphones, whatever they are.

new airpods pro

Something to keep in mind is that it can be dangerous at times, if we are not aware of our situation. Hearing is a sense that goes unnoticed, but it helps us a lot to orient ourselves spatially. If we lose part of that notion, we must be cautious.

Noise canceling mode off

It is precisely when we activate this mode that we fully realize all the external noise that was there and how the AirPods Pro were canceling it.

It’s definitely an addictive feeling to cancel the exterior, and I’ve sometimes been tempted to put my headphones on without playing anything just to isolate myself a bit. And I return to the example of the subway, where the hustle and rattle fade away, leaving calm and a slight murmur.

Transparency mode

The third mode is the most curious, since it uses noise cancellation technology to balance the external sound and the one we are listening to It is a strange feeling because it simulates the effect of not having the headphones on, and yet we continue to listen to what comes out of them.

new airpods pro

This mode works by slightly amplifying the surrounding noise around us. It has the advantage that it gives us the impression of listening better to people; simply because we associate that we should hear them worse when wearing headphones. Without a doubt, it is a super useful mode and it combines perfectly with the habit of many people to wear AirPods all day.

Battery, comfort and usability on a daily basis

The AirPods Pro are very comfortable headphones. It is true that I know many people who are bothered by in-ear headphones. However, I am sure that the AirPods pro will greatly mitigate that annoyance. I have carried them for hours until their battery is exhausted and I have not felt any discomfort or discomfort; on the contrary, they end up disappearing.

The autonomy is practically the same as the other AirPods models. Four and a half hours, and about 24 hours with the case; only a quick charge of 5 minutes already offers an hour of autonomy.

new airpods pro

It is enough, but it is one of the aspects that could have been improved. It wouldn’t have mattered if the temples, shorter than regular AirPods, were the same size. Thus they could have harmonized designs , in addition to integrating a battery of more capacity, which allowed a use throughout the day.

The design also affects general use, for example, when removing them from the case; Its rounded shape makes them slip a little , and it is not easy to get them out the first time.

Another problem that Apple should fix shortly occurs when making a phone call with noise cancellation active; AirPods Pro does not automatically disable this feature, nor does it amplify your voice. This makes you practically unable to hear yourself , and you end up speaking lower than you think, or screaming like crazy in the middle of the street. For now, the solution is to switch to transparency mode before calling or answering a call.

Advantages, strengths and weaknesses of AirPods Pro

But discounting those few problems, we only have praise for the AirPods Pro, and all thanks to many improvements, small and large.

For example, you no longer need to turn up the volume to enjoy music or any other content, all thanks to noise cancellation. When you use headphones without this technology, the solution to better listening with noise was to turn up the volume to counter. Now it is not necessary, and that is very good news for our hearing health.

The possibility of switching between the different modes , Cancellation, Transparency and Deactivated, is very comfortable and allows you not to always be isolated; only when you want and in the conditions you need.

Of course, they have the same reliability as the AirPods that we all know, that is, extraordinary. Without cuts, with a good Bluetooth connection, always ready, without errors and without scares.

new airpods pro

It is true that the 1st generation AirPods received criticism because the batteries after two years began to fail. Unfortunately, we do not have two years to check this model, but we assume that this must have been corrected.

If you are not a user of wireless charging, it may seem somewhat expendable; however, if you already are, you will know the extraordinary comfort of not having to be using cables or putting them anywhere.

We can finally play sports with AirPods. Something that was already done, but we risked that the sweat would end up spoiling, as it has happened to hundreds of thousands of people. IPX4 resistance is more than enough against sweat and rainy days, but obviously not to submerge them. Also, being in-ear , it is much more difficult for them to fall out of the ears.

Are they worth buying?

For € 279, AirPods Pro costs a lot of money, but I don’t think they’re expensive. Every day we consume more music, we are more connected either with calls or messages. We can execute many actions through the voice and Siri, with shortcuts, commands, and commands.

new airpods pro

The value for the price they have is fair. There are not many options for wireless headphones, with this format, with these functions and sizes at this price, and especially with the aforementioned reliability and comfort of these.

AirPods, in all their ranges up to the pro, are already one of the pillars of Apple’s business. They are a resounding success, and that means that people like them, buy them, and want more and better features. They have copies of all kinds, some very sophisticated, but they do not meet by far the quality standards or many of the functions of the originals.

new airpods pro

They are not competition with normal AirPods because their extra functions are very evident and marked and you will have to see if you are really going to use them to discern if one or the other is better. I am one of those who think that the fair price of things is based on the use we give them and top quality headphones like these, have many points to use every day for several hours, so yes, I recommend them. They will not disappoint you, that’s for sure.

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