After a few months of use, the battery of your smartphone is already showing weaknesses?

More efficient and unaffected by memory effect problems, the lithium-ion batteries that equip most devices currently on the market often suffer from their lifespan. What annoy the most regular users, forced to walk around with a backup battery.

Yet, by adopting a few good, simple habits, you can easily extend the life of your smartphone battery.

How to improve the life of your smartphone battery?

A few simple tips can limit the performance loss of your smartphone battery. Discover our 7 main tips and feel free to share yours in the comments.

1 | Save your battery between charges

To extend the life of your smartphone battery, start by saving it. Switch off your device or switch to airplane mode when you are not using your smartphone or when you are in an uncovered area. In the subway or on an airplane, for example, your device’s signal search helps to unnecessarily drain the batteries. In the same vein, limit the use of the most energy-intensive functions such as vibrator, backlighting, camera flash, Bluetooth, geolocation or even wifi.

2 | Make sure you get a good quality of charge cycle

To extend the life of your smartphone battery, make sure you have respect the charge cycles. The charge capacities of a lithium battery decrease after 200 to 300 cycles. It is therefore better to avoid recharging your smartphone too often. In the same vein, the use of a car charger is not recommended because it often requires the initiation of a charging cycle.

3 | Do not wait until your battery is completely empty to recharge it

This advice applies to all smartphone owners equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are fitted to all recent devices. To preserve your smartphone battery, recharge it before it drops below the 10% threshold. Its lifespan decreases each time it is fully discharged. Note also that lithium-ion batteries have a specific number of recharge cycles. To find out if you’re using a lithium-ion or nickel battery, check your smartphone manual or take a look at the back of the battery.

4 | Do not leave a full battery on charge

To extend the life of your smartphone battery and avoid possible accident, do not leave it on charger when the charging cycle is complete. Avoid leaving your smartphone connected to your computer all day or plugged in all night while you sleep.

5 | Do not expose your battery to extreme temperatures

Smartphone batteries hate extreme temperatures above all else. Do not expose your smartphone to the sun, protect it from the polar cold, do not leave it lying around in a car in the middle of summer and avoid carrying it in your trouser pocket. While charging, if your phone heats up abnormally, check your charger.

6 | Take the time to initialize your new battery if necessary

To reach their maximum capacity, some batteries need to be fully charged before their first use. This is particularly the case with lithium-ion batteries which must remain charged for 5 to 6 hours, regardless of the level indicated by your smartphone. In all cases, read the operating instructions carefully before starting the first charge.

7 | Clean the contacts of your smartphone battery

If you are feeling like a handyman, cleaning your smartphone’s battery contacts can help extend its life. Remove the dust that has accumulated with a cotton swab and a little denatured alcohol for example. If you observe corrosion, remove it with acetone, being careful not to dissolve the plastic.

What to do when your battery dies?

If your smartphone battery can be repaired, return it to the manufacturer or your dealer. In most cases, however, it will have to be discarded to acquire a new one. Take care to recycle it by returning it to your retailer or to a recycling center. In any case, do not throw your used battery in the trash. It contains toxic metals and electronic components that require special treatment.


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